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I've been reading up on modifying the exhaust for the XJ6N and I think i'm going to go for a full system.

Reason i'm posting up is because if I was to go for a SC projects full system would I need to modify anything else like O2 sensors etc (as this is what would need to be done with the R6 headers method wouldn't it?)

Any advice would be welcomed as i'm abit of a newbie when it comes to modifying parts, and the stock sound of the XJ6 is abit pathetic!

Thanks in advance, Ash.

Chris K.

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Hello atg90.

I've been in your situation before as most of us Bikers ofcourse. I'm gonna copy/paste you one list I've made on another forum to help people decide. Its about one year old tho but shouldnt be a problem.

Actually, since I'm a little bit confused about this matter, I'm gonna write down my options.

1.) Arrow Exhaust. (http://www.arrow.it/eng/website/)

Yamaha XJ6 (US FZ6R) 2009/2010 with Arrow Darkline Exhaust System - YouTube



3.) DEVIL Exhaust (Home - Devil exhaust)

Ligne d'échappement Devil Master Carbon sur XJ6 N 2009 ! - YouTube


Ixil Oval Extreme en Yamaha Xj6 diversion SIN DBKILLER - YouTube

5.) Termignoni Exhaust (TERMIGNONI)

Yamaha XJ6 Termignoni 80 dB (après rodage et sans dB Killer) - YouTube

6.) FRESCO Exhaust (Monaco Moto Echappement)

yamaha xj6 fresco - YouTube

7.) Shark Exhaust (SHARK exhaust - impianti scarico racing - scarichi e terminali in carbonio titanio e acciaio)

Yamaha XJ6 Shark exhaust Model Street GP standing in the forest - YouTube

8.) LeoVince Exhaust (Motorcycle Exhaust LeoVince 2010)


9.) Modded R6 headers + Viper slip-on (or any short one actually)

Fz6r + viper race can = awesomeness! - YouTube

10.) GPR Exhaust (GPR Motorcycle Exhaust Systems from Moto Legends Distribution Ltd.)

Yamaha Xj6 sound G.P.R.MOV - YouTube

11.) M4 Exhaust (M4 Exhaust · High Performance Motorcycle Exhaust Systems)

2009 FZ6R - YouTube

and for last, the well known..

12.) Two Bros Exhaust (Two Brothers Racing High Performance Motorcycle Exhaust Systems And Aftermarket Bike Parts, Race Exhaust Systems, Motorcycle Parts and Accessories, Sportbike Parts, Full Exhaust Systems, Black Series Exhaust, Juice Box)

Yamaha FZ6R Two Bros Exhuast Comparison rev, drive off, and fly by - YouTube

So, there we go, pretty much a full "detailed" list of any current Exhaust's fitting our bikes. As I've already said, within next month, getting myself a new exhaust but yea, I have to decide which one first.
My first choice goes for SC Project one 'cus I like the sound and the looks of it, plus its price is affordable for me.
Then there is SHARK, which I reaaallly like BUT I've no idea where to find one, its price etc. Any help on this one would be appreciated.
And for my last choice, Arrow gets the place. I've seen myself many Arrows around, its quality is top stuff. For its price, well, pretty much the same as SC Project which is fine. What worries me is that its not underbody one but sticks out from my right side, I've no idea how good or bad that is.

Either help me on this one or I'm gonna need to re-format my brain! Too many info's and thoughts..
As I said, that list is one years old. I've picked SC Project about one month after I made this list and so far, I'm really inlove with my exhaust.. It sounds like a beast, it looks awesome and its not that costly.

Good luck with your choice :)
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Ah thanks for that, I was aware of a few of those but does open your eyes to what is available.

I do like the SC one the best though, so will probably go for that one. When you fitted yours was it just a case of fitting the exhaust then done of did you need to change anything or fit a power commander? As I don't want the fuss of having to change bits like this just want a nicer look/better sound.

Do you also have any pics/vids of the exhaust on your bike?

Thanks again for that info on the exhausts available, Ash.


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Hey, thank you very much for a great and detailed list! I don't suppose you know if these systems are compatible with a center stand as well?


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Hi Chris,
I've also got the SC project exhaust on my 2009 XJ6-N, but am struggling to understand how the baffle is to be removed.

I see in your pictures that yours is out, would you mind informing me of the process necessary to remove it? Thanks!


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Does anyone know if SC-project still make an exhaust to fit the fz6r? I couldnt find one on their website