WTB Slip On

Okay so allow me to begin by asking to not get flamed for this, I didn’t know where to post it lol I recently installed a R6 header and a Jardine slip on with a PCFC on my ‘09. Only to find out, it’s a bit loud for my tastes. I daily commute on it for most of the week and it’s loud as hell...was wondering if anyone had any comparison advice to how a TwoBros or Yoshi would compare. The sound is just..nasty and unrefined if that makes any sense..dirt bikey..I don’t know. I’m on the fence. If anyone has a decent slip on they’d like to sell, maybe? So so on a budget after already dropping $500 on it recently and don’t wanna drop another $XXX on a slip on..help?


Maybe check with Jardine and see if they make a Quiet Insert for your slip-on. That may be the cheapest, easiest way to go.