Question What's your odometer reading?

Hey all you Sixr fans, Duck man still among the living. Its been a long time since I was last on here. Just want to know how well your FZ6R has treated you so far. I am currently at 61 thousand miles on my baby and she has never let me down. But I have an itch, an itch that my bike with all of its mods and character can't scratch. So, I will be looking at this and would like everyones input or suggestions that may be similar in specs. Hope you all continue to ride safe while we live through what I believe is the dumbest year in my 36 years of living.
61k, nice!!! My 2013 only has about 13k on her. Bought it with 3 miles on the odometer. Always glad to hear how dependable these bikes are. My mileage is low but the bike hasn’t even had a hiccup yet


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I bought my 2015 FZ6R brand new from the dealer. Rolled up 55,000 kilometers this summer. The 848 is nice for track days, but I'd consider a multistrada to be a better companion for the FZ6R. The multistrada can do offroad, is much more comfortable seating position, and is much tamer than the race bike. I know I also got a GSX-R, and I ride that maybe 2000 km per summer, but a multistrada I can do 20,000 km in the same year.