Shift Lever Keeps Unscrewing


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Hey i'm new to the forum could really use some expertise on something new.

Just bought my 2011 FZ6R had 800 original miles on it got a steal so i couldnt pass it up.

Here lately have had zero issues with it mechanically until recently.
One day following a buddy I noticed I was struggling to shift into 1st or any gear mainly downshifting.
After pulling over I noticed the shift lever was literally unscrewed I figured it was due to vibration or me shifting hard which ive never had issues with in the past.
I was able to get it screwed back in but now its becoming a regular thing to happen. FML So i pretty sure ill have to order a whole new assembly for it because it looks like the housing for the screw is getting stripped not the screw itself though.

Im just wondering if im the first person to have this issue and if anyone knows a way to prevent this in the future or any help at all would be great!


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