Rep your favorite sports team here!


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Mostly watch the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Blackhawks. I will root for any Chicago team to win but don't necessarily watch it. But living in Wyoming for a little bit of my life, I became a Denver Broncos fan as well.


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Well I would like to go a different route and give the 24 team a shout out as my favorite. The Chase for the Nascar Sprint cup is down to 6 races and my Man Gordon is in 4th.

Other than that I have been an Angel fan since I was born, although they sucked with a capital S this year. I also like the Chargers (closest NFL team) and the Pats, cause that's where all my family is from. cant really watch Basketball any more and try and catch Kings hockey when I can.


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I also like hockey a lot. Toss up between Red Wings, Bruins, and Capitals.

Not big on baseball, even though I used to play for years and years as a kid.


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Wow with the crazy game between Alabama and Auburn, my Buckeyes may play in the championship! Although we barely pulled it off against "that team up North"


Baseball - Blue Jays
Hockey - Leafs ( i know but Im a Toronto girl:D) then Blackhawks
Soccer - Liverpool
Football - sorry don't watch it
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Football: Green Bay packers
Basketball: Milwaukee bucks
Baseball: Milwaukee brewers
College: Wisconsin badgers
Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks

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Hockey: Leafs
Baseball: Jays
Football: Colts
MotoGP: Jorge and Vale
I'm rooting for the Azzuri in the World Cup right now, too. (I like blue and white)


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I can hardly wait for football season to start!
49er's, Warriors, SF Giants, UCLA Bruins