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I had an incident today! I was riding to visit my fiancee when traffic on the freeway started to get congested. I decided to get to the next exit to go straight to the next freeway when the truck in front of me hit the brakes. That wouldn't have been a big deal if I hadn't just turned my head around for a lane change and wasn't looking ahead. Since I only have about 1000 miles under my belt i grabbed the front brake hard without any rear brake. Fortunately I was able to stop with 2 feet to spare but I'm quite certain I got my rear tire in the air just a few inches if anything. That was a scary experience.

Lesson of the day for me was even if traffic is starting to slow down give yourself plenty of distance still...


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Leo, at 5'3" you really need a Roaring Toyz lowering link (Google it). You can also drop the bike down over the front forks (Search feature) by two inches. Those things should help you more than dialing the suspension settings, which aren't meant for hight adjustments but for handeling relative to your weight.

Which sliders did you end up going with? T-Rex and Shogun seem to be the most advocated on this forum.
thank you very much. I'll look into that. T-Rex was back ordered, and people seemed split on Shoguns - I went with Intuitive. We'll see - I should ask my local dealer too what they think I guess. The place I bought it had no f'ing clue.

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Lol, what were you telling them not to do? Your foot peg broke off?[/QUOTE

I was trying to show them how to make all one fluid motion when stopping even if you have to make a quick stop, and also about braking and how not to use too much front brake, which is exactly what I did and when I hit the front brake BAM! wheel turned to the left and bike shifted and down she went! It was funny, I even laughed at myself.

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When I first started riding I made the mistake of going too fast in the rain. Lost control of the rear tire but I was able to save it by letting off the throttle and gently using the front brake and made it home safe.
Then a few months ago I was riding to work around 4am and a rabbit ran out in front of me, and before I could even think about doing anything I hit it with both tires. I thought for sure something bad was about to happen but I just braced for it and didn't even suffer a wobble. So far thats been the worst thats happened.
I go rabbit hunting with my bike all the time...
This one got away...

Wabbit - YouTube


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I was on the 101 coming back from Malibu. late afternoon heavy traffic. lane splitting going about 20mph following a buddy of mine. A Camaro pulled in front of him and he swerved out of the way. I slowed to 15 and reved my engine at the guy, but what I didnt realize was my buddy was swerving back into my path. I pulled the front break and popped the clutch out. At 11,000rpms. it happened so quickly I dont exactly remember what happend but my friend says he saw my back wheel above my head. I laid her down nice and hard between two lanes. I flew 15 feet ahead. life was rough that day.

oh. and dont act like a prepubescent.
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