Pilot Road 3


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I've had Pilot Roads (I guess they're technically PR1s) on my bike for about 5,000 miles now. Still plenty of tread in both.

They've never let me down through normal riding.

I had the rear slip once in Wales, I was chasing a rally car though on very slippery roads and honestly, I think any tire would have lost traction. It was only for a split second and nothing major - but still a bit scary haha.

The other time I was making my exhaust 'pop'. So rev it up to about 6k, let off the throttle and then on the overrun I'd get flames going pop pop pop. I was doing this and suddenly the light up ahead turned red. I slammed on the brakes and the rear locked.

Both times I lost traction were due to me, the rider. Not the tire(s).

I've just bought a set of PR3s ready for the spring. They seem like a good option as here in the UK it is wet all year, and I'm planning a big trip through France so I'll need the mileage from the dual compound.


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I, too, have used the ContiMotion. For the price, I love them. However, I didn't get more than 4k on a set. I lean into corners probably more than necessary, but it is fun! I have also never touched a footpeg with this bike ('09 FZ6R), though I have scraped my boot soles. I have ridden in the Hill Country of Texas, and the mountains and back roads of TN, NC, SC, KY, and GA. I need to replace the rubber on the footpegs, but necer touched down on one.

I did scrape the centerstand a few times on my Triumph Adventure, and that upset the bike a ton. I think grinding footpegs on the FZ6R would upset me more than the bike!