No codes, start switch wont do anything, neutral and sidestand switch say off


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Okay this thing is driving me nuts! This all started because my tip over sensor fried someone previously had glued the sensor and it fried since then I haven't been able to get the back to start I have replaced the tip over sensor still no luck I've tried bypassing the clutch switch the side stand switch and grounded the so my neutral light is always on button to Diagnostics it says my neutral switch is off in my side stand switch is off which they should say on correct? It will try to start if I jump solenoid but it just won't turn over please help any input on this subject would be greatly appreciated something I should try?


You might have already done this, but go through the manual for the preride checks. It basically checks all of the switches that would shut the bike off, or keep it from starting. Good luck brother, I hope you find it.