New to the Yamaha world :D


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Hey! Not a new rider, grew up on dirtbikes. However I am relatively new to sportbikes, I've ridden friends bikes pretty often (r6, bmw rt1200, can am rt, and a few cruisers), never bought my own until now.
Completely in LOVE with my fz6r "izzy" this bike is incredibly light, nimble, and forgiving.
I have heard a few things about the brakes locking up, is that just from using one or the other? Coming from dirtbikes I've always used staged front and rear braking, so hopefully they won't lock on me.

Anyone from the Atlanta or surrounding areas?
Also just bought the gt-x super plasma bulb by piaa for my front headlamp, anybody know anything about how well it does or does not work?


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Welcome and glad you love the bike. It's a great well rounded bike as your finding out. The brakes aren't the greatest but work well. I've locked the rear once on a really hard emergency stop (using both brakes of course) but if you aren't too grabby with the brakes, you'll be fine.


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Locked the front brake on mine last weekend.

Was doing 45 in a 35 and a light turned yellow on me. People jump greens all the time in my neighborhood so I didn't want to risk it. Anyway, the bike is incredibly well balanced and stayed upright until it stopped. Interestingly it wasn't a steady skid, but a chirping jerky skid, with the tires skidding then gripping repeatedly. Felt a lot like ABS (even though I know the US fizzers don't have them).

The front brakes are very powerful on this bike, as I caused the lock with the handle not even 2/3 of the way in, at a relatively conservative speed. Also did a progressive squeeze, not a grab.


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have not had my front lock up on me, the rear is another story though, have done it a few times, one of which caused a slight drift and some wobbles, that'll get your heart pumping, then again I'm a noobie, only 4 months on my 6R with zero prior bike skills. havent dropped it yet though!


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Welcome and happy trails :) I'm in the atlanta/Cobb area. I haven't had any issues with the brakes yet, but I locked up the brakes on my buell before the yamaha more than once. I would say the yamaha brakes are way better, and as long as you don't grab a full brake lever you'll be fine. I feel like I hit the back brake med/hard and often, haven't gotten the back to lock up yet but also have brand new tires :D I have heard good things about upgrading the brake cable, and am considering it myself. Keeping an eye out on the georgia thread for any goings on, hoping to see some ATL peeps out on a ride one day!