Need Help!

Just purchased some MZS levers from Amazon to put on my new protaper(don’t grill me, I know, I should’ve went better quality levers) read great reviews on them and all but now I’m reading the whole ‘front brake lockup’ horror stories. Anybody have any input on this? Installation tips, dos and don’t, etc. thanks guys! By the way, installing my pro tapers today, as well, if anybody would like a little review of them on our bikes.


I bought some of these about a year or so ago. I love them.

I have noticed that they are not as smooth action as when I first installed. I might just need to take them apart and lube the moving parts. I've been lazy about some maintenance.

I will say I do ride in the rain and that must have something to do the issue. We get a lot of rain down in the low country of South Carolina.

Otherwise no issues.
Levers came in the mail today. Haven’t installed them yet but man, the quality and finish on the gold levers is amazing. Very good looking lever. Question about the anodization, have yours faded, chipped, etc?