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Galfer brake lines ebc hh pads awesome improvement, cee bailee tour screen with laminar lip, made strut rods from 82 harley shift rods, progressive lowering springs left out the mini springs cut pcv tube to fit from spring to just below threads in forks 7.5 fork oil no more nose dive ! Handling and road feel is much improved 4ED198A0-0B08-412E-8990-EFFC5616E159.jpeg4ED198A0-0B08-412E-8990-EFFC5616E159.jpeg1ACFEA70-F0C3-4633-8125-3AAE6BF7C0A3.jpeg4ED198A0-0B08-412E-8990-EFFC5616E159.jpeg1ACFEA70-F0C3-4633-8125-3AAE6BF7C0A3.jpeg4ED198A0-0B08-412E-8990-EFFC5616E159.jpeg1ACFEA70-F0C3-4633-8125-3AAE6BF7C0A3.jpeg4ED198A0-0B08-412E-8990-EFFC5616E159.jpeg1ACFEA70-F0C3-4633-8125-3AAE6BF7C0A3.jpeg4ED198A0-0B08-412E-8990-EFFC5616E159.jpeg1ACFEA70-F0C3-4633-8125-3AAE6BF7C0A3.jpeg4ED198A0-0B08-412E-8990-EFFC5616E159.jpeg


I like the red brake lines. Keep an eye on them cuz they might rub on the front fender. Mine rub but I don't care.