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Starting this thread to display some DIY mods.
Feel free to add your own


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Helmet Apron

I have gotten tired of bugs bouncing up into my helmet whilst riding.

Materials: current helmet, 100mm(W) elastic, hot glue gun (should it prove shit & I want to remove it)

Concept: like on some other helmets stops excessive air flow up chin area into your face, but also prevents bugs from going up there too!
Sketch Design

End Product shots:

  1. Marked out the Elastic fabric in place
  2. Cut the fabric (allowing +5mm for flap to go up inside helmet)
  3. Hot glue base area on both sides to anchor in place (nearest to chin strap first)
  4. Hot glue seam from outside, pushing fabric up into helmet
  5. Hot glue seam internal
  6. To finish it of I coloured in the external Hot Glue seam with a black marker

Up close & knowing that it is there, it doesnt look the greatest
From a distance of about a metre cant notice it unless looking for it
:don'tknow: see how I feel about it in a month,
but this time of year, anthing to help keep the bugs out, I will give it a shot



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Nice mod, but looks really uncomfy? maybe you just need to ride faster so bugs don't have a chance to land on you :)


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I about freaked the **** out once when a bee flew up in my helmet. I must have looked like I was having a seizure or something. Ripped the visor open and started shaking my head. All while doing about 60mph. lol I might have to do that mod. :)


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I also have this on my helmet from the factory. But great DIY. I had a bug fly in through one of my ventilation holes recently. Then started flying around inside trying to escape through the visor. Thought it was pretty funny that it survived.


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I've had bugs in my helmet before, once I tried to tolerate a bug moving around in my helmet, thinking they'll get bored and find a way out eventually. Once it started scratching around the earhole though, I worked out I can stop and get the helmet off real quick.

They must have an inbuilt, "head for the earhole" mode adapted from eons of evolution of other ear crawling criters.

Which reminds me, of the "Bring me the bore worms" whipping scene in Flash Gordon or maybe I just want to have a look at her *** again (their acting in any case)
[ame=]Flash Gordon - The Whipping Scene - YouTube[/ame]