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So I was looking for a way to time myself at the track and download this free app called" motorcross gps lap timer". Developed by an Italian guy that rides it seems to work pretty good.
Once download you open it and it will prompt you to go to the location setting in your phone so you can turn on the gps.
Then you can go into the settings (the blue section at the bottom of the screen ) and select closed path, set your idle speed for something like 40 mph, that way it doesn't record you in pit lane, and set the minimum duration for 5 minutes.
Then click " tracks " and put the name of the track in. Once you click start in closed path it will prompt you to enter a description, I just put sesh 1, sesh 2 etc for each session.
You then get a screen with speed , lap time, no. of laps and there will be an oscillating red bar. Once this bar turns blue it means your locked on to the gps satellites and ready to go (you need to be outside ).
I put my phone in my pocket and it stays locked in. First time out you just ride the session and it logs the track the entire time, once you finish you go back to the main screen and click sessions and session 1 will be there, click that and the screen will come up with it as one 20 minute lap, at the botton of the screen click "trace and finish line" and a map of the track comes up.
There's a small red dot you drag to the position of the start line, this red dot also has a straight line thru it that is real hard to see, you have to turn the dot so the straight line runs across the track to make sure it registers you crossing the finish line, once done it will change that 20 minute session into individual laps showing lap times and top speed. There's also a setting to adjust the width of the track if it doesn't show individual lap times.



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Try RaceChrono, its free for Android and comes with tonnes of tracks already recorded.
It auto times your laps and shows sector improvements etc, etc, etc... Highly recommended from me

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