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hi this has probably been brought up in this forum a zillion times but i cant seem to find a direct link to my dilemma...

anyways i have just installed a set of rear LED turn signals on the bike , ordered and swapped over the flasher relay that is suitable for the application and yes the blinking rates have slowed down to original EXCEPT for one problem the left LED stays on permanently unless the left indicator is flicked on thus it will blink etc etc.... otherwise it stays on.
any help would be great as I'm no wiring wizard thought it would be an easy and simple plug/play/do it yourself but im :confused::confused::confused:stuck....


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put a meter on it and make sure you have the correct wires. should be a negative and a blinking hot when the blinker is on. and maybe a constant hot. i dont remember if these are 2 or 3 wire hookups. most aftermarkets only use two wires from what i have seen which mean the constant hot doesnt get hooked up. just cap it off. turn your signal on, put a meter on it and see which wire is the blinking hot. just make sure you dont touch your wires to anything on the bike as it will ground out.