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Hi guys ! I just bought my 2013 fz6r a couple of weeks ago and want to get right to personalizing it. I was thinking of getting integrated mirror turn signals. I would love to get GSXR mirrors but am unsure if it would fit without any drilling? Does anyone know if this would work or know if I can get some sort of plate that would allow it to fit? If anyone has photos as well that would be great !


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Yes, they should fit, but I hear they are terrible for seeing behind you. Here's a reference thread even though there are a ton of them on here.

Here's a link to turn signal mirrors I decided to go with


I just ordered mine and they've been on the way for a week now. He gives a lot of tips on how to do it. What also stemmed from this was installing a new flash relay. If you don't know already, a friendly tip is dont go buying a ton of inline resistors for lights on your bike. Do yourself a favor and order this when you order the mirrors. This will eliminate any flashing issues you have with side mounted signals too amongst other LEDs.

ELFR-1 Electronic LED Flasher Relay with OEM Connector | Custom LED

In that second link I posted you'll see the lights I got as well as his. I will be mounting them vertical like he did so I can see behind me. :thumbup:
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Thanks mate. I purchase a pair of tinted GSXR mirrors but from the other riders bike it looks a bit floppy but will see how we go. I will be completely removing the side indictors but thanks for the tip