How to make factory bar ends work with woodcraft clip ons

I have about 60 miles on this mod and they are still just as tight as when I installed them.

Items needed
* both bar ends
* rubber fuel line 6 inches
* 2x 3 inch bolts
* 2x nuts for the bolts
* 2x flat washers
* cutting wheels
* grinding wheels

You don’t have to use the same hardware I used I just had it laying around my buddies shop.

Remove the weights

1. Cut the threaded part off the weight

2. Once the threaded end is cut off you will have to grind down the piece that is left till it fits in the bar. (Sorry I don’t have a picture of that)

3. Choose a drill bit to fit the size bolt you are using.

4. Put your bolt through slide a piece of fuel line onto the bolt then place the nut on it.

5. Snug it down but do not tighten it.

6. Place it in the woodcraft bar it should slide all the way in.

7. Turn the head of the bolt the nut will catch on the rubber and cause the rubber to expand.

8. And your done for it a tug to make sure it is fully seated and not going to vibrate out.

I am not responsible for any damage done to your motorcycle or your handle bars.

I felt no vibration in the bars even at high speeds.

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Great I rode about 60 miles afterwards and didn’t feel any vibration. I tried to keep as much weight as I could on it when modifying it.

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