Hello, new rider here!


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Hello Ladies!!!!

I am new to the forums! My bike arrived friday! I was so excited, I immediately got on it and started practicing, and i LOVE IT, the fz6r couldn't be a more perfect bike for me, I love the power it has, the way i can handle the bike (so far) I tackled inclines today (my husband was coaching me, he's been riding for 10 years) and he makes it look sooooo easy! I killed it 15 times LOL, but i got it, finally, yay, tomorrow we are going to practice more slow maneuver stuff, like pulling into parking spots, weaving around objects, ect....soo excited to have my first bike, oh and did i mention i brought videos?? :eek:D i did!

first time riding!!!:
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOhPeEpb2eE]First ride on my FZ6R! - YouTube[/ame]

my bike being unloaded from the delivery truck:
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf87LZFULzk]My FZ6R is here!!! - YouTube[/ame]


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Congrats and welcome!!!


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awesome congrats! dig the videos :cool:

leprecaun jon

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Welcome to the wide world of FZ6R'ness! theirs an intro questionaire thingy that lets us get to know you better (and provides some random humor too) if you wanna do that too. (i always love reading those silly things)


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New Rider and my Hero!

Hey there ! Congrats on your new bike! I just got my first bike in March - 2011 FZ6r however have not done as well as you! I have my M1 and am taking my Safety Course this weekend! I did not ride bikes when I was younger and do not know how to drive stick shift car so it's like teaching a baby to walk. My BF is like yours in that he has ridden for over 20 years and has a Yamaha FZ8. Very patient with me and has taken me 4 times for "parking lot" training. My experience has been somewhat fearful as it is so new. I have actually dropped it and have decided not to take it out until after my course.
I really enjoy your videos and I am sure after I am more familiar with the bike - the comfort will come also!
Congrats again and happy riding !