Hello from Mesquite Texas.


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Im 56 and go by BFT on the www - Hello. Run with a bunch of retires that like to eat and take breaks every 90 minutes, the lunch rides are about 200 miles and there is about 6-10 bikes so not to bad really. I'm either on the Freewheeler or the FZ, the FZ for the twistys here in north Texas and trike on the overnighter's which are mostly to Arkansas or south Texas. I've been riding with this group for 3 years and it really is therapeutic . The (2012) FZ is somewhat new to me picked it up for 3700 with 7500 miles and I've only had it out once with the group and it kicks that ass. Hit 110 with no problem and shut down my buddy on his STS 1300, only because on coming traffic lol but still he tried but couldn't pull it off. No way I can ride like that on the HD, Yeah I love this bike, takes some getting used to riding at 6K rpm. Other than maybe switching out the turn signals I'm not doing anything to it but riding it. :cool:



I'm 75 and on my second FZ6R. I really love the smoothness and high revving motor. I also like that it does not wheelie unless you want it to, unlike my CBR1000RR that was dangerous in the first 3 gears. Most of our group rides are guys 55 plus - The AARP Hooligans. I agree with you that keeping it close to stock is the smart way to go. I only added front frame sliders, a taller windshield, and 20mm handlebar risers because I am 6 foot 2.

When it comes due for new tires, try the Bridgestone S21. Makes an amazing difference on this bike.
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