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Couple questions. I have a 2015 FZ6R. Needing a new front tire. I've selected the Bridgestone Battleax BT-023. There is an F spec and a G spec availabile. Which is best choice?
Also, was going to add Oxford Heated grips. They have a touring set, 120 mm long, and a sport set, 123 mm long. Which should I order for best fit?
Thanks for any help.


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Tyre's wise ask with your dealer, reputable dealers with point in the direction that best reflects your riding activities.
Generally speaking though
-if you're slabbing freeways or touring -go for a touring tyre -they generally are a dual compound with a harder centre for longer wear life
-if you're more spirited or right wrist inclined -go for the stickiest you can afford, as there not enough time in this lifespan to worry about whether you have traction or not

I personally didn't enjoy the life span or uneven wear of the BT-023's, the last few years I have sworn by Metzler's