getting back into riding.... sorry it became longer then I wanted


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Besides this being the week from hell...

(Friday my frame sliders showed up with handle bar risers and other good stuff!!! so the husband decided to put them on for me... well he didn't realize the 2 different injection molds and on accident ended up having to cut 2 holes. So after getting pissed he decided to leave the other side alone till the next day before making the same mistake twice.

Saturday over night it rained a little and the husband asked if I wanted to go down to the ball park and start retraining for riding, reason why is below and also reason for this post. so after riding for about a hour because we had to pick up kids my husband got on the bike and was getting ready to go home... well he was backing up and with the ground being somewhat wet he lost traction with his boots and gently laid the bike down on the side without the frame sliders.

Sunday our 3 year old decided that the chocolate lab needed some sunblock on. So both child and dog got a bath.

Monday asked 10 year old to watch 3 year old so I could clean on my truck only to come in and find pencil and black crayon all over my newly painted walls, doors, trim and kitchen cabinets.

let me tell you if my house does not blow up by the end of this week I would have to say it has been a good week...)

So back to the reason for my post... April 10th 2012 was a bight day sunny. I had a meeting with some other parents for my daughters girl scout troop, the meeting was only 5 mins from the house. I asked my husband if I could take his Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja at first he hesitated being I have only mostly ridden a 500 and 650 Kawasaki Ninja in the past few years but finally gave in and told me to call him once there.

So leaving our house and taking a left out of the Cul-de-sac and 2 stop signs later I turned left. Another stop sign and turned right, now I have 1 stop sign, a rail road track and 1 more stops signs before I am at my designation but I never made it to the 2nd stop sign.

I don't remember all the details only mostly what was told to me by my co workers at both the ambulance and hospital. But after the first of my last 2 stop signs I remember a white car in front of me and I pass 2 men walking on the sidewalk with the rail road track in front of me. Next thing I know is a group of EMT's that I work with asking me questions and not being able to breath. What I was told happened is I went over the tracks and my front tire hit the pot hole and shifted the bike. I was then thrown into the gas tank and handle bars which knocked me unconscious, (at the time the tracks were uneven and the road was in a bad condition with pot holes and lose gravel. Also before it became a road it used to be a parking lot for a food company)

That day I also was wearing glasses and I only have ever ridden with contacts.

I ended up with 2 cracked ribs on my right side, bruised strum, both knee caps scrapped up, bruise on left side temple, ruined gear (helmet, gloves, and jacket) ruined husbands bike and a VERY PISSED of husband.

My Husband is trying to be a good support for attempting to get me to ride again but I am finding even this weekend with my first time back on a bike when it comes time to make a turn I freeze up and can't do it or I have to put my feet down to reassure that I will not fall. Every day that we have had this new bike he keeps asking me to go down to the park to ride but I am so unsure about riding and don't want to fall again. I am not looking for sympathy for what happened last year but what I am looking for is how to over come this fear of falling or do I just need to give up and sell the bike? Is it a mistake thinking I can ride again...


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sorry you are having tough issues, from my experience i would say take the time and take a motorcycle safety course. Not that you don't know how to ride but the course will have you perform alot of maneuvers that will instill confidence in you gradually. hope things work out for you.


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Mental blocks are hard to get past, esp when you create them out of not knowing what really happened in an accident.
I am curious as to why you are nervous about turns, from the sounds of accident last yr. I would assume you were going straight over tracks, haven't seen a set yet in mid turn's.
Where you OK w/ turns before accident, or timid around them, an accident can make our timid tendencies go full blown scared of it.

I would suggest you get your head more around what happened in accident, I think going back to mine and re-analyzing it over and over in my head might have helped me.

However, only you can decide if you should get back into riding or not.
It is dangerous every time you go out, and if not confident in ability to ride you will be an accident waiting to happen.


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