Engine light comes on, screen goes blank and bike won't start for a short period

Love Enigma

Hiya, it's me again.

I'm having yet more issues with my baby. I swapped out the ECU for a 2010 model and have since been having an issue when I'm riding it. The engine light will come on while I'm riding, then the screen will turn off. When I shut off the bike, it won't start immediately after this happens, but if I give it a few minutes, it's fine. Maybe because it's hot out and needs to cool off? That's a pattern. Could it be the starter?

It gave me an error code 70 previously which the manual says it's the ECU will shut off the bike after idling for 20 minutes, but it was being ridden at the time. There is no diagnosing under this code...

I've already switched ECUs twice (one with a 2013 ECU and another with this 2010) and both have given me this issue.

Please, help. TnT
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