Need Help Electrical problem


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Hey everyone!

I recently purchased a 2009 FZ6R. Shortly after I got it, it would only start when I hook up a jump box to start it. Even after running it for a bit it still would not start.

Senario 1: When I turn the key on I hear the the bike whir up like it's ready to start, but when I push the button allbi get is clicks. Before jumping it the volt meter reads 11.56v and after the jump it's at about 13.42v+. When I have the battery out of the bike, the battery reads 12v. I have noticed that when no jump box is connected the the solenoid will do a (click click click) sound as the battery dies down. So I'm a bit confused with this scenario.

Secnario 2:

All of my blinker work FRONT/REAR + LEFT/RIGHT; HOWEVER, my Right Rear running light is not active. I've tried replacing the bulb and no difference. I hooked up a Volt meter to that side and the current reads 0.15v when the bike is idling and when blinking it reads 13.54v+.

I traced the wire to the plugs on the right side of the cowl seat and swapped black/grey plugs to see if there's any difference and..... NOTHING!

PLEASE HELP! This is my First motorcycle!


Agreed with above post. The battery may read 12v but it may be old and not have the cranking amps anymore. Take it to an auto parts store and have it tested. You're probably gonna end up needing a new one.

As for the second issue...not sure what that could be. Maybe it will fix it self with a new battery.