Dunlop Sportmax Q2


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I got the Q2 on the rear of my Kawa (due to the dealership agreeing on a new tyre as part of the deal), so far I've taken it out to the twisties twice and the rear end grip is amazing!!!

I still got the OEM Bridgestone on the front and I'll definitely be replacing it for a Q2 to match the rear very soon!!!


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So I have put around 700 miles on the Q3 and they have practically taken away some of the top heavy feel of the bike away. It flicks much much easier than the stock BT021 tires. I hated those tires somewhat, sport touring tires may last forever but at times feel like a pile of rocks.

The Q3 are pretty close to the Pilot Powers I have always used. The PPs have a higher tippy feel and the Q3 has a softer, more connected road feel.


I've had the Q3's on for a couple of months now, compared to stock Bt021's these are much better, as everyone is saying.

but a question of what pressure are you all running? every other forum says around 32 cold front 34 rear (for street) but these aren't on FZ6R's.

Any one care to share an opinion?