Cold Road Cold Tires Lower Your Pressure


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Just a friendly reminder to lower your tire pressure to keep your traction up as the weather gets colder. For me, I find that running the stock Bridgestone Battlaxes at 31 front, 32 rear gave me optimum mountain road traction. On the freeway or going to work I still run them at the stock 33/36 front/rear. For the curious my track day tire pressure is 30/28 front/rear, as the magic Pirelli chart told me.


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Had the first taste of how much time it takes before the tyre warms up. Was coming to work on the regular route and the temperature was around 55 in the morning.

The same route the same style yet i saw the front wheels taking time to grip on the sides. I immediately corrected my riding style and avoided using the curve and instead slowed down.

Can imagine how things are going to be by this winter.

Now trying to research for different heated gears, grips and what not to keep myself warm.

Great thread to remind us before the winter sets in