Clicking noise and no start


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My bike is not starting properly. I took a video for anyone to look at. Basically when I try to start the engine it doesn't start but instead I hear a clicking noise. If I wait 10 minutes or so it usually starts. I traced the clicking noise to a black box under my pillion seat but I am not sure if this is the problem or the symptom of another problem. I went to my garage and showed them the video and they said it was the starter solenoid but after I put in a new one it didn't make any difference. Has anyone else had this before? The battery is 3 months old. Also If I push start it does not start but afterwards it allows me to start using the ignition button.

The starter itself seems fine as does the rest of the bike.

Any ideas?

Click here for video

This is the relay. A quick google search tells me it is a fuel pump relay.



Sounds like you pretty much tried everything but replacing the starter. Probably not what you wanted to hear though. If I had that issue that would be my next step. I've never replaced a start on a bike but I have on cars. I would imagine that it would pretty easy.


I'd recommend you get yourself a meter and do some continuity testing before you start randomly replacing parts. It's a lot cheaper.

According to the Haynes manual (which I highly recommend you get) that's the Starter circuit cut-off relay you are pointing to in your picture. The Haynes manual tells you how to test it.


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Thanks guys, I took my bike to the garage and they did a diagnostic. They found the problem was the starter motor. Luckily it was only the bushings and not the motor assembly itself that needed changing.