Battlax T30


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anyone use these on their FZ6R or other bikes?...any reviews on grip, tread wear etc would be great...I am not an aggressive rider although I do like my twisty roads but they are scarce where I live so I mostly do straight aways and sweeping ride in the rain somewhat so traction in wet weather is important as well...thanks!


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Life's too short for long wearing tyres or to sit in the courtesey chair in the mall while your gf is shopping, get the S20.


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T30s, only had a rear fitted.

Lasted 10,000kms.

Wet grip, average, will wheel spin under full throttle in 1st and 2nd. Never pushed hard in the wet, wasn't very confidence inspiring, even after the 10,000kms.

Dry grip, acceptable. Enough grip to scrape pegs. But slippy when cold.

If your broke, yeah they are ok, but considering there's only $50 between a t30 and pilot road 3s I'd get a pilot road if you need something long wearing.


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Skimping on tires on a motorcycle is often always a bad idea.


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Skimping on tires on a motorcycle is often always a bad idea.
i agree with this. They are the only thing that touches the ground. That does not mean you have to buy a sport or racing tire though. They have sport touring tires that will last quite a bit longer than the straight sport tires? Im going to have to replace mine in probably a couple thousand miles.


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I am running the T30 front and rear. I have done 4k+ miles on them and I have never felt like they do not stick to the ground in either wet or dry conditions.