An idiot own me money.


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I really wish people would use their heads and open their ears.

Someone in my house owes me a new cover for my bike and I need to find somewhere else to hang it so it can dry when I'm out.

An idiot placed their oil collection pan with their used oil filter right under my bike cover and soaked it with motor oil. Of course the place on the cover that gets soaked with motor oil sits right where my exhaust is.

I already explained to everyone in the house that my cover has to stay oil free and stuff or my bike could potentially take out part of the house. I always give them worst case to make my point.

Did this dire warning sink in. NO.

Now I have to replace my bike cover. I tried cleaning it with plenty of warm water and LOTS of dish soap. It's not happening.

So now I can't cover my bike at night until next week when I have the money to replace it because I get paid before everyone else in the house, and we have lots of rain in the forecast over the next week and no covered garage.

I could have replaced it from my paycheck this week, if I hadn't sent off my bike payment already.
I have two covers both from Nelson rigg. Falcon Defender 2k and Deluxe cover. Ones much nicer than the other but I use the crappier one as my backup. I recommend both. Anywho my point is get yourself a new cover and get a backup and keep it stored away for the next time this happens. Doesnt have to be something expensive but better than nothing.


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Stupid is as stupid does!

Sorry about your dumb house mates.

Googling tells me you can try spraying WD-40 on the oil stain, let it sit, then try washing it. I find WD-40 works like magic on a lot of things for a lot of reasons! It's like how the dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" uses Windex for everything.


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Mom to the rescue.

So, it turned out to be my Niece that did it. She feels bad for not paying close enough attention to what she was doing when she moved things around on the patio.

I think my niece thought I would actually kill her for it. LOL

Either that or she actually believed me when I reminded the house of the absolute worst case possibility. Blowing up part of the house with my bike. Especially since she and her boyfriend sleep in the living room at the moment and my bike sits right outside that window.

So, my Mom came to the rescue. We all put our heads together and figured out a better place for my cover to dry from the morning dew.

To top it off, she handed me her debit card and told me to go to the shop and pick up two of them. One to use regularly and a backup in case this happens again or one of the neighborhood kids decides to take it or something.

Thanks for the suggestion Deathmage.

My niece will be paying my Mom back for her mistake.

Super, I know some old people that swear by WD-40 for everything here; even to help with joint pain in the elbows and hands or arthritis pain.

Don't ask. I wonder about it myself and try not to think about it to much. Maybe this old add for WD-40 could help to explain it.

Anyway, the oil was far to soaked into the fabric. I spent the night over at a friends place and it had soaked for a little over 24 hours


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I understand that the likelyhood of that happening is very slim.

However, I did say that I do like to tell them things in the extreme to get my points across to them. Some of my Family can be a little dim or very hard of hearing when I tell them things. Unless they're in the car with me and I'm complaining about traffic, but that would be a completely different thread.

Yes, it could happen from the heat of the exhaust, or other parts of the engine. The oil in the fabric would act as an accelerant as well as fuel.

If my fuel tank were low, the fumes would be rather explosive because of the heat of the flames.

My bike now sits about 9 or 10 feet from the house. I was parking it about 6 or 7 feet from the house. But due to the oil pan that was sitting between the house and my bike, I moved it.

I know, the oil pan. Like I said, my Family can be a little dim.


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Don't be trolled by MiltonDorkenhoff he seems to not understand/ appreciate figure of speech or exaggerated expressions

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Thanks, I will admit that I do a lot of writing in my spare time. So, I tend to use a lot of alliteration and exaggerated imagery in my regular conversation.

I find that it does help.


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