2012 FZ6R Maintenance


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Hello! New here to the forums. Was wondering if someone can help me in a few different ways. Need to replace my chain and sprocket. Considering going -1/+2 for quick acceleration. Should
I order a Votex or is there a better option? Also needing new rear sprocket bolts. Anyone know the size or got a link to aftermarket? Dont feel like paying $150 for 6 bolts


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I've run Vortex sprockets on dirt bikes and they've held up very well. I assume they'd work just as well in this application. What size sprockets are on there now? Stock is 16 front, 46 rear. You're welcome to do whatever you please with your bike, but they're already geared a little low if you do a lot of extended freeway/highway driving. As for the sprocket nuts, websites like motosport.com have them. They are M10x1.25. Here is an example.

Driven Racing Titanium Sprocket Nuts | MotoSport