2011 FZ6R Meter Cover and Clutch Questions


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Hey folks. I'm getting very close to having the bike road worthy. Waiting on some parts to come in and that's that - however, I have a slight issue with the plastic meter cover that sits behind the windscreen. There are little holes to pop them in place; however, there is no way to secure the cover so it keeps sliding/falling off.


I'm referencing part #5 in the pic. I'm not sure if parts 9 and 6 are supposed to fit behind the cover somehow. Anyone mind taking a look at theirs to see how it is secured?

On to the clutch - the dealership claimed they adjusted this for me but I'm not so convinced. I took my MSF course last weekend and our bikes were able to move freely with the clutch engaged while in first gear. My bike seems to slip a bit - the wheel will stop like normal while in first with the clutch out, but I encounter friction/resistance when trying to roll it forward/backward with the clutch pulled all the way in. It does move but it's much harder than it should be. Think the cable needs adjusted?

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Yet another problem it seems - the horn! Seems everything is plugged in but I'm getting no noise when hitting the button. How to start diagnosing this?


Horn is easy. Disconnect the electrical connector at the horn. Run 2 jumper wires from the 2 battery terminals. If it works, follow the electrical circuit back through the switch. If it does not work when jumped, try turning the phillips head screw on the back of the horn. First a bit one way, then a bit back. It is the adjustment for the internal contacts and will vary the sound.

Yamaha Clutch Adjustment video here:

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Thanks BluePill. Updating my post for anyone else who may have this problem in the future.

Regarding the horn - it's fine. Doesn't honk unless the key is turned. :)

For the plastic meter cover I was missing 2/3 rubber grommets that slide on the pins to hold them in place. Just ordered replacements off of partzilla.com and good to go.

As in regards to the clutch - freeplay might have needed adjusting at that stage. I have since put it within spec after a lowside and subsequent slipping clutch and I still encounter a bit of friction when rolling the bike in first clutch in as opposed to neutral. Not nearly as bad as it was, so I assume this is normal for a bike.