2010 FZ6R-R


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Hello everyone! I hope this forum is not dead :))

Anyway thought I share my beauty "Lilith" for anyone who cares.

The image is not manipulated in any way...

- Custom "Jalapeno Red" paintjob,
- Woodcraft clipons (front is lowered by almost 7cm - bottoms out quite often)
- HEX Black widow Exhaust (Last one ever made)
- Puig windscreen, footpegs
- fender eliminator
- LED tail light and indicators
- Steering damper..
- LED integrated mirrors
and many other small mods here and there..

The bike was basically fully renovated both cosmetically and mechanically from a sorry little beginner bike that collected dust for 9 months in Dubai sun.

Hope you like it. :)



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This one HERE

The only thing was, since I have clipons we had to find screws to bolt it. otherwise no issue. If you have a standard handlebar - no issue.


Very nice! My 2015 is my second.

I bought a 2009 new, then had to sell it when I moved. Looked at newer models, but the FZ6R just does everything right for me.

Thanks man! I’ve had one sketchy slapping incident with my current bar setup but I blame it mostly on the road conditions, really. Definitely looking into getting this.