1. J

    Looking for a touring windscreen

    I am currently looking for a touring windscreen. What options do you recommend? Also does anyone have one for sale? I know plenty of places to get new ones but I'd rather buy from a fellow rider.
  2. E

    Been awhile.. fj9?

    Been a long time since I've been in here... so much goin on with a new job trying to buy a house and getting screwed over in the process... any way, been thinkin about trading in the fz lately for am fj9... somwthin a little more touring oriented with more power.. any body here have experience...
  3. E

    zg touring vs puig?

    ive read every windscreen review i could find, and everyone seems to be comparing the zg DB versus the puig touring... but what about the zg touring? I called revzilla, and they said: 1) the zg touring does not come in dark smoke 2) it's 3.25" taller than stock 3) it's about $40 less...
  4. E

    Touring windscreen question

    For those of you who have the touring windscreen - i am 5'6" and i want more wind protection for the winter, but i dont want to be looking through the windsceen when i ride...i cant tell from the pics online. the touring windscreen so tall that shorter riders might end up looking through it...
  5. H

    FZ6R Puig Touring Windscreen

    Selling my Puig Touring Screen. Light smoke. FZ6R Puig Touring Windscreen | eBay
  6. N

    New Zero Gravity Sports Touring screen

    I have a new Zero Gravity Sport Touring screen. Got it off ebay for 80 bucks, but going to sell my bike. If you want it 65 bucks Shipped. Its should be at this week.
  7. R

    For Sale - 2012 White FZ6R

    $5100 is my asking price. 4310 mileage. I have a brand new set of tires ready to be installed, included at this price. I live in Dallas, TX. Local buyer preferred, but willing to work with shipping. I got t-boned in my Lava Orange Mazdaspeed Miata last week, and I just really need to not push...
  8. m3tric

    Marthy's Touring revD map

    I've been on Marthy's site and he has the sport and advgear revb to download. I also see a post here that lists all the different reva and revb maps for PCV. Can anyone point me to the touring revD map?
  9. F

    ACCEPT touring Nov 2014

    I'm old enough to remember seeing this metal band on TV years ago. Turns out they reformed and are touring, so why not ? I'm going. I saw Queen last week and that was fantastic even though I didn't get to bang Lady GaGa (who sang for one song) ACCEPT Australian Tour November 2014 Maybe...
  10. R

    Forum member made touring screen for sale

    deleted post.
  11. Form & Function Sport Touring Setup

    Form & Function Sport Touring Setup

    Taken Easter weekend at sunset in Ohio testing out the HDR function on camera. I really like how the sky is accentuated. Completely happy with the setup other than still waiting on my Leo Vince exhaust.
  12. Love Enigma

    recommended Top Cases

    Hello ladies and gents, I am currently in the market for a top case for my fz6r. Hopefully one that replace my rear seat, but not required. I would like one that would fit my helmet and that is relatively cheap (student tired of carrying her jacket and helmet). I've read a few posts on the...
  13. D

    On a ROLL!!! to SC

    When: Weekend of Oct 27th Where: SC!!!! Camping at Colleton State Park Why: Because I got to Planning a little road rally to SC last weekend of the month. Gonna put some miles on the old lady before it's commuting only weather kicks in. I hope to get more of these weekend and extended weekend...
  14. B

    Bobski's windscreen comparisons

    I've found the most useful windscreen information has been from a rider who has personally tried several and can provide direct comparisons. I've now used the original screen, the Yamaha Double Bubble, and Puig Touring so here are my summary thoughts. Hope this is helpful for riders seeking...
  15. C

    new windscreen

    ‪Puig windscreen‬‏ - YouTube Got the new puig windscreen installed on the bike! Its the blacked out, puig double bubble screen. Got it from kevin here brand new. Love it, it actually took getting used to not compensating for the wind buffet. The air flow is so clean it is unreal...
  16. C

    Contour HD Night cam Test

    This was a beautiful night last night, I plan to chop this vid up and make it into some youtubeable highlight vids, but for now you get the start to finish! I promise the whole thing is worth it :) when I come to stops turn volume all the way up as I give comentary! Comments appreciated...
  17. C

    whats YOUR favorite "ride location"??

    Personally I havent gone on any trips yet since I just recently purchased the bike, but I travel every year and have been to every state in the country except hawaii. I know there are alot of cool tourism things to do when your driving a car through these states but there are so many things only...