1. L

    So... Tires that don't wear extremely fast...

    Well. Already again. I need tires (been running Pirelli angel st's front and rear) and 3100 miles later and I'm not far from cords showing on the back.... Front tire is hammered also (that's been on for 10k) I live in an area that is mostly straight roads with not much curves, but I do 400+ mile...
  2. T

    How hard is it to change Front Tire?

    I just saw a nail stuck on my front tire and the air pressure is down. I wanted to see if it's hard to replace the tire by yourself. I tried searching the forum with no luck. Does anyone have any experience with removing and changing front tire? If so, can you give me some pointers? is there a...
  3. Bobholsopple

    fz6r mirrors or stock windscreen for xj6 stock or aftermarket tire huger

    looking to trade fz6r mirrors or stock windscreen for xj6 tire huger. (stock) located in pennsylvania
  4. M

    160 vs. 170 Rear tire.

    Does anyone have recommendations on the rear tire. I purchased the bike with a 180, it does look cool. Doesn't handle for $h¡+ though. Should I put on a 160 or 170, and are there any specific ones I should look into.
  5. P

    Back tire

    Hello i was just wondering if a 180 back tire fits on the FZ6R?
  6. N

    New 120 70 17 front tire 50 bucks

    No more need for this size of tire. Avon 3D Ultra Sport 120 70 17. New never used. 50 dollars pickup only in Seattle.
  7. A

    Tire Life

    I bought my 2011 FZ6R back in November with 1400 miles and I am pretty sure they are the stock tires, the tires are dated with 2011. Is there any specific life of a tire on when they should be changed? I was in a Military Sport Bike Rider course and one of the instructors said that usually by...
  8. M

    Tire Cracked By Rocks... Should I worry??

    Riding to work today I hit some rocks and heard a little pop. After checking everything I found this crack on the rear tire. 7 hours later after work I check the tire and the air seems fine. Should I be worried..stock tires with 5000 miles.
  9. C

    Rear tire hugger

    Looking to buy a rear tire hugger to fit a 2013. I can only find Puig ones and they are high. Or if you know where I can find another brand cheaper.
  10. S

    Raising the front fender

    I am thinking about raising the front fender on my bike by about half an inch so that I can use a higher profile front tire, possible a dual sport tire. Does the front fender act as a fork brace? If so, I assume the forks would need some extra bracing if I were to in fact raise the fender.
  11. 1

    Throttle sticking.

    I just recently started my bike due to the cold weather and my throttle is sticking to where in don't have to touch it to let the clutch out. The rear tire just starts spinning. Any ideas?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. sunny23

    Selling 2013 white/red fz6r w 390miles

    Hit a curb and now needs new front tire and forks. There are some very thin scratches on the front left side of the plastic. I bought flush mount turn signals but never installed them, they are included. I have no clue what to price the bike at. I know forks are $800 + labor and tire is maybe...
  13. D

    Front Tire Wearing Faster than Rear

    Let me preface this by saying I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to bike maintenance (but as issues arise, I am learning :) .) From most everything I've read, the rear tire typically wears faster than the front. I have just over 5500 hundred miles on my bike and the front is definitely...
  14. B

    2014 fz6r tubed tire

    hi, I decided to change my tires, and while I was removing my rear tire, i noticed it had a tube in it.. is that normal? I thought these bikes didn't need a tubular tire? The tires I bought didn't come with tubes, I shouldn't need to use it should i? Its a 2014 fz6r any help is appreciated...
  15. M

    License plate tucked behind rear tire?

    The mod bug is biting and I don't feel like painting another color yet... I was having a discussion with a friend about his amazing 636. It went through Maryland inspection and he has been pulled over for speeding without anyone saying anything about his license plate. It's mounted under the...
  16. B


    Ok I am looking at getting some new tires. The ones on my bike have kind of a flat spot on both front and back tire. They were made this way. I am looking on the internet and non of the tires look like mine. Is it just the way they look online or am I looking for a different type of tire? Thanks
  17. B

    rear end thumping

    I am getting a slight thumping feeling from the rear end after about 30 minutes of riding. Rear tire is new. Just wondering if anyone knows why or if this is normal?
  18. H

    Strange wear pattern?

    My last bike was a cruiser and the tires lasted forever, with relatively flat wear patterns. So maybe I'm freaking out about nothing... At 6200 miles, I am getting close to the wear marker on my back tire (Dunlop Roadsmart). It's the front tire that concerns me. Yesterday when I got off the...
  19. P

    COntinental, Voluntary tire exchange program

    Just in case someone here needs to know this... Continental Motorcycle Tyres -Continental Announces Voluntary Motorcycle Tire Exchange Program
  20. E

    new fz6r had no tire balance weights installed

    I purchased a new 2009 fz6r from my local Yamaha dealer April 2009. It did not come from the factory with any tire balance weights on either front or rear wheel. Is this common? Paul