1. L

    can anyone find a FZ6R rear seat cowl?

    hey guys looking for a rear seat cowl for a 2013 fz6r as i said in the title been looking for the past few hours and cant find anything, thought id ask the community for some info. thanks
  2. R

    Pics of new mods!

    The forum is lacking threads with photos!! Don't need to list the mods, I'm sure you can see them :) Most recent mod was lowering the front. What you can't see: k&n air filter, PCV. Next on the list is is clip on bars. Has anyone ever tried cutting their plastics to mount clip ons under the...
  3. J

    FS feeler:2013 White/Black(Red Chasis)

    YAMAHA FZ6R 2013 – White/Black/Red Frame Original Owner (bought new in Sept 2014) Garage kept 1200miles and climbing 700mile service done Upgrades from stock:- Michelin Pilot Power Tires Proto FZ1 Flat (no rise) anodized Handlebar Shorty black anodized levers, with red adjusters...
  4. C

    Few mods so far

    So I've got some mods done. blacked out and cut down windscreen bar end mirrors diy mirror block off plates fe kit with led micro signals blue rim tape frame sliders Things coming soon rear tire hugger rear seat cowl stompgrips for the tank blue shorty levers maybe flush mount...
  5. H

    Member moved from CA to VA!

    Been on the forum since 2010, but moved from CA to VA in 2013 and haven't been riding much at all. My 2009 has less than 2500 on the odo!! Several mods to share and I will try to add photos, which everyone always loves. Glad to be back!
  6. G

    09 For Sale

    Well time to move on, and up. Putting this out there, 09 with 4900 miles and many upgraded parts. Bike is in Excellent condition with a couple of small scratches, nothing to really point out. So here are the mods that are done to this bike. Rizoma conical handle bars Rizoma Bar Risers...
  7. L

    JBP help

    I just got the juice box pro for my FZ6R. I have it installed and have tried the #2 map which is supposed to be the best one for a fz6r with a stock air filter and a full TBR exhaust I'm having issues with it back firing and running ruff. I'm new to these type mods and want to know what I can do...
  8. C

    Turn signal integrated mirror

    I am looking for a good quality, easy to install turn signal integrated mirror. There seem to be a bunch of options on eBay.. integrated signal mirror fz6r | eBay So I am just looking for one that attaches fairly easily, stays put at high speeds, and that I can actually see out of. So what do...
  9. Z

    Hid Lights Pictures For Comparison

    Just wanted to add a couple pictures of the HID lights I installed today. I did the plug and play lights, and while they were plug and play, I did find the installation to be a bit more complicated than expected, but i was doing it in 25 degree weather. The hardest part I had was finding...
  10. Z

    New Sound vs Old Sound

    Just wanted to throw my video up there. This is the first start of my bike when I hooked up the Marthy Exhaust with the DanMoto Can. You can tell from my reaction that I obviously thought that the sound was much better. it was about 10 degrees F out so I didn't wait for the bike to really warm...
  11. W

    Woodcraft Clip Ons

    Hello there guys! I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to drop the front end of my bike 1.5 in and installing some woodcraft clip ons. Has anyone else done this? I've seen some threads but cannot find them now. Anyway... any and all info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  12. T

    Handlebar mods help!!!

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum just bought my fz6r on sunday and loving it! Only thing I'm not loving too much are the high stock handlebars. Any way I could make them a little more "sportier"? I know some people recommend going with clipons but how hard would that be? Would I need to modify the...
  13. B

    XJ6 Parts, Mods etc

    Hi all, I have been floating around here for a while and commonly find it rare for suppliers to have XJ6 parts, so I am creating this thread for fellow XJ6 riders Anyone knows of suppliers of XJ6S parts please add links to this thread Genuine Yamaha YShop Australia Yamaha UK General...
  14. B

    Side Mirrors Trade-in

    I just bought a used FZ6R that came with these side mirrors: Billet Convex Universal Mirrors Black - Blue Anodized GSXR Hayabusa R1 R6 ZX 6 7 9 10 12 YZF CBR 1000 600 r RR 636 1300 1000 900 750 Ninja kawasaki suzuki honda custom aftermarket...
  15. D

    Looking for new wheels

    Hello Everyone, I did some quick digging ( not extensive ) on some possible wheels for my 2010 FZ6R. I didn't know if there where some go to sites or preferably stores to go to for wheels that fit my bike. If you all have any ideas, tips, or information, everything is appreciated. Thanks!
  16. J

    I'm A Copycatter....

    I loved Bobby Bo Bonsin's decal mods so much that I just HAD to do the same on my bike. So I sent him a PM asking if he'd mind if I copied him. I figured since he is in Alabama and I'm in California that the chances of us running into each other on matching bikes were slim to none. Bobby...
  17. D

    2012 FZ6R - Black & White Mods

    This post has been deleted.
  18. D

    Finally went Naked!!

    I finally went naked yesterday and I have to tell you I could not be happier. I will post pics as they load to my email. I am having to small issues with my headlight assembly and my instrument cluster and I am hoping that someone can assist me with either ideas or a parts list of things that...
  19. The Precious

    The Precious

    Rookie's entry for BOTM
  20. B

    Bobski's windscreen comparisons

    I've found the most useful windscreen information has been from a rider who has personally tried several and can provide direct comparisons. I've now used the original screen, the Yamaha Double Bubble, and Puig Touring so here are my summary thoughts. Hope this is helpful for riders seeking...