1. D

    Which Slip On for R6 Header?

    I can't seem to find any information on this, maybe because it's obvious? I have an 01 R6 header and PCV. Does this mean I need to get an R6 slip on? and if so does it have to be for that year?
  2. S

    Modding the stock exhaust.

    Hello, I was looking to mod the stock exhaust like Marthy's exhaust mod. I am a boilermaker by trade so the welding and fabbing will be easy. My questions are what size does the collector have to go down to at the end? Will i need a reducer to allow for slip ons? Thanks for your help!
  3. L

    Anyone tried this exhaust?

    I know of the simple exhaust mods extensilvey covered here,, but saw this and wondered if anyone tried it as it looks like the exhaust mod with a competition werkes muffler added on instead of a 2 1/4" tip. Yamaha 09-Present FZ6R Slip On Exhaust
  4. T

    exhaust mod = gas mileage drops like stone??

    I just filled her up so we will see but it seems to me since I did the exhaust mod/ cut off stock outlet and weld in 2 1/4 pipe my gas mileage has dropped like a stone!!!!! anyone else have this or know about it?? By opening exhaust does it allow for more burning or what? How many miles...
  5. L

    Exhaust mod

    I'm looking into an exhaust mod for my fz6r. I really like the look and sound of either the jardine-GP1 slip on and the SC project slip on. Is it possible to use the stock fz6r headers and either weld or clamp the tip on with an adapter? Or do you definitely need r6 headers?
  6. R

    Changing the timing

    I found this budget timing mod on the fz6 forum. Final Impact Winter project; playing w/trigger I believe Marthy did it on his fz6r, but can't find mention of it on our forum. One more future mod to try.
  7. M

    LED headlight mod

    Here's my latest FZ6R mod, LED headlight bulb. Not quite a mod but the light gain is very good. Got the idea from the other house. Kit is very simple and is a straight on swap with the OEM light bulb. The kit is not listed under FZ6R but FZ09 and good for 3000 lumens on high beam, very bright...
  8. U

    Which way to mod exhaust?

    My brother has been wanting to start riding, so this past week we picked up a nice 2009 FZ6R. He's not really into performance, he just wants to ride out on the open road! He was dead set on an I4 bike, but I was concerned with getting a super sport because this is his first bike. When I came...
  9. H

    Stock exhaust mod

    Hye there, Im new here, and thanks, i just wondering, how to mod stock exhaust? i saw some at youtube, but didnt show how to do it? . thanks
  10. C

    Exhaust mod ?

    Hey guys so I found a local guy who says he modded his exhaust by making a 2 inch hole in the exhaust and then welding on an exhaust tip from the local auto store. I haven't heard what it sounds like yet but was curious as to if there was anything negative with this type of mod ? Like possible...
  11. flat black 3" pipe

    flat black 3" pipe

  12. flat black 3" pipe

    flat black 3" pipe

  13. flat black 3" pipe

    flat black 3" pipe

  14. flat black 3" pipe

    flat black 3" pipe

    I used exhaust left over from my truck.I think it works well def. sounds and runs better as far as can tell w/o dyno
  15. G

    2nd Front light???

    Hello, i bought my 6R about a month a go. When I first saw the bike in pics and youtube i though there were 2 lights. The main front light and a smaller light on top. I was wondering if anyone has though about putting a bulb in there or maybe a small strobe light. Any thoughts about this?
  16. M

    MNGreg Mod - Projector Beam Install & steps

    I am setting up this thread and holding spots for me to go through and update another walkthrough for the retrofit of a Mini H1 5.0 Projector and 5k Bulb that I got from I have a bunch of pictures going through the process that I will post as well as some of the steps...
  17. M

    600 mile service

    New rider with a new FZ6R. Did my first 600 miles in 9 days, including 80 mi per weekday of commuting. My dealer has a huge backup of service jobs, and told me that the 600 mile service is an oil change and a bunch of inspection, so I changed my own oil and am waiting my turn ... a) my bike...
  18. C

    DIY Caliper Painting

    Well after asking around I've decided to do a how-to on painting calipers. This will be my first write up of this sort so please be patient if anything is not clearly explained and please ask for an explanation. Okay. So I'm only doing a write up and pictures of the rear caliper since that...
  19. B

    Bobski's windscreen comparisons

    I've found the most useful windscreen information has been from a rider who has personally tried several and can provide direct comparisons. I've now used the original screen, the Yamaha Double Bubble, and Puig Touring so here are my summary thoughts. Hope this is helpful for riders seeking...
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    Another mirror mod.

    Another mirror mod. **UPDATED** PICS INCLUDED So, as you know, we all want to change our mirrors. They are ugly let's face It. There is alot of options out there. Seems like the most common route is to go the Yam R6S mirrors. But in order to fit those, we need to drill holes in the metal...