1. C

    Anyone ride the FZ-10?

    I saw one at the dealership the other day. How does it compare to the FZ-09?
  2. C

    National pancake day 3/8

    free pancakes at IHOP on Tuesday March 8 IHOP National Pancake Day - March 8, 2016 :)
  3. C

    Ride to Work Day - 6/15

    Ride your motorcycle on this day to demonstrate: - The number of motorcyclists to the general public and to politicians. - That motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life. - That motorcyclists can reduce traffic and parking congestion in large cities. - That motorcycles are for...
  4. C

    National donut day

    Free donuts on Friday, June 5- Krispy Kreme - NationalDoughnutDay :D
  5. TTD_2015_Thompson_5-4-15c1-2066


    Lots to learn
  6. M

    Put on the DYNO

    Went to horsepower shoot out today and they had 3 classes 600cc 1000cc and 1000+. I was the only one entered in the 600 class so i was sure to win until the end of the day a r6 showed up. (108hp) lol It was my buddies bike so i cant be mad. So i had bike put on the dyno. I have TB exhaust with...
  7. B

    Pictures of Laguna Seca Track Day

    Just finished my first ever competitive track day yesterday. Laguna Seca was way WAY harder than Sonoma, because of the straight aways. Also uploaded a track map with my notes from the instructor sessions. Actually I was able to start lapping people by my 4th session because I was camped out by...
  8. B

    Track Day Coolant

    So I'm off to my second ever track day on Monday. I'm in the novice group at Laguna Seca and am not expecting to break any sound barriers. My big question is do I really need to replace my coolant with Water Wetter or Yamalube? The reason I ask is that I was fine on my first track day at...
  9. B

    one of my fav road

    just wanted to share a road with you. it's a 1 hour round trip back road that's nice and close to where i live. have a nice day.
  10. M

    aftermarket kickstand question..

    Have noticed all the pics i see of the aftermarket stands they don't sit flat on the pavement. Anyone know of one that does? Going to lower mine but don't want to come out on a hot summer day and find my bike laying down in the street. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. lark

    GirlRiders FB group and Track Day

    Hey ladies! GirlRiders is hosting a track day at Jennings in Fl. Just thought I'd spread the word about it to anyone not already following them. They have a FB page and also a standalone website. They have good reviews on riding gear too. Here's a link to their FB page...
  12. B

    Reflective Vests - Wise or Dorky?

    So I kicked off a debate with my friends today after sharing pics of my first ride to Alice's Diner, on Skyline in California. The below pic in particular is of me in a VizBrite reflective vest from Amazon. My friends tell me the vest is so unstylish that I shouldn't wear it, especially during...
  13. C

    Fingers and Brakes

    Well got to ride a good deal today. Since its up in the 60's here in VA. So it must have been the day for idiots on the road. I gave so many fingers and hit my brakes. More today then I ever have. People pulling out in front of me. Suddenly stopping turning with no signal. Riding up on my back...
  14. C

    National pancake day

    Free pancakes today at IHOP National Pancake Day 2015: How To Get A Free Stack Of Pancakes From IHOP On March 3 :D
  15. C

    Happy groundhog day

    6 more weeks of winter Groundhog Day 2015: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, predicts six more weeks of winter - The Washington Post
  16. F

    Marulan Track Day 2011

    Hi, This is an older video, I'd had about 9 months of riding at this point, looks slow to me now. I kept screwing up the last corner too. This is the Marulan track, a little windy track South of Sydney, great for a first track day or general practice...
  17. J

    School me on Schools.... Thoughts?

    Criteria: Must be based in Northeast USA. Want at least some individual analysis/instruction Would prefer to rent/ride their bike Like the idea of doing a 1 day course in spring, then another more advanced/intensive 1 or 2 day course later in summer Goal is to learn best technique/correct...
  18. 474kz

    FZ6R restricted vs unrestricted power

    Hello all, Im sort of at cross roads and not sure what the best option is so I thought I'd ask. I've got my Open License and have a 13 FZ6R Lams in Australia. I mainly use the bike for commuting to work and back in city traffic (50kms a day) and sometime take it for a ride on the highway &...
  19. S

    Happt Birthday JonKerr

    :rockon: Happy birthday Jon! Thanks for all the contributions you've made to this forum. PS, you almost caught up to me. LOL! Hope you have a great day!
  20. J

    San Diego to Moab

    So... 1 week from today my Dad and I depart for our annual trip. (Google Maps link below) I started getting my bike ready yesterday for touring putting the saddle bags on, getting my USB ports and iPod/GPS mount installed. I did all the maintenance stuff last week. (Plugs, air filter, oil...