1. F

    Need Help to Install Alarm system for my 2014 !!!

    Hello FZ6R Helpers !! i just bought a 2014 FZ6R, now i am trying to install the SPY Alarm system, but i am not able to identify which of the below images(1,2,3) which have different small relays/circuits units (i don't know), where i can find the GREY Color, GREEN Color, Thick Brown Color...
  2. gofast0949

    Mirrors -2014

    I've read all the mirror threads - all good stuff. Unfortunately all the postings have been from owners of 2013 or older bikes. Does anyone know if the bolt pattern on the 2014 model is different. What mirror options will fit my 2014?
  3. S

    sammy56 Parts for Sale

    It's been a long time since I posted..... Only put 2500 miles on my bike in 2014....worked way too much!! Anyway, decided to get a new ride since I don't commute on the bike anymore and I decided to put my "feet up" and get a cruiser. Yes, I have gone to the dark side. My new ride is a 2014...
  4. Y

    Leftover 2013 FZ6R's

    Anyone know the story on these? I just bought one, and there seems to be quite a few on the market. Just seems odd to me that there are so many 2013 leftovers- I would expect lots of 2014, but not 2013's. Just curious. Thanks.
  5. R

    Trying to install an aftermarket exhaust

    I've been reading that the cheapest way going about installing an exhaust system is to use the R6 headers plus a slip on exhaust. I want to know what year of the R6 should I get to fit my 2014 FZ6R?
  6. X

    Anyone have a name for their bike?

    Just curious if anyone here has a name for there 6R. I usually come up with a name or handle to call my rides. Usually some kind of endearing name that represents it's looks, personality or demeanour. It usually takes me a few weeks of contemplation before one finally sticks. I think I...
  7. B

    2014 fz6r tubed tire

    hi, I decided to change my tires, and while I was removing my rear tire, i noticed it had a tube in it.. is that normal? I thought these bikes didn't need a tubular tire? The tires I bought didn't come with tubes, I shouldn't need to use it should i? Its a 2014 fz6r any help is appreciated...
  8. Cayuga track day June 26, 2014

    Cayuga track day June 26, 2014

  9. K

    for sale 2014 Raven 80miles on it

    So i just bought this bike and am not allowed to ride it living in my parents house. im 20 and made a mistake of buying it after being told not to, i figured they would just give in once I brought it home. So for the bike Brand new 2014 FZ6R Raven Color with brand new helmet to match the...
  10. K

    Another rider from Florida(Miami)

    Hey guys so I just bought a 2014 Fz6r raven. I've had no prior riding experience besides the Msf course. I'm loving this bike so far though! Anyone in the Miami area? I'm 20 years old if that makes any difference Also I haven't been leaving my bike in any place cause I'm freaking out...