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    Where is everyone?

    It is odd, as the KLR650 groups still go strong, and I can barely keep up with all of the FZ07 / MT07 group posts. The aftermarket parts for these bikes seems to have... dropped appreciably, but there are still lots around being ridden. They still require maintenance, repair, and some farkle...
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    for sale white fairings 2013

    Bike looks great!
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    New bike

    Congratulations Keith! Enjoy your ride. :)
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    FREE Galfer Stainless braided FRONT Brake lines FREE YOU PAY POSTAGE

    A very generous deal! Already on my bike though. :)
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    Glad you sold the bike, it was a beauty! ;))
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    help remove tank black side panels

    Let us know how it goes, and the results of your clean up and paint job. Good luck!
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    A beautiful ride, great choice of 'farkle'. :)) Saw you upped your starting price on Ebay? Best of luck with the sale!
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    Question Need help with part identification

    Don't forget to get the screws and pop in rivets to mount the piece as well. There is a 'right side' and 'left side' part, mirror images. Maddening to get the screws into the captured nuts, but it happens eventually. :) There has been one of each side on ebay for a very low price, not sure if...
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    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    Considering that the original was over $200, and required removing hardware from the rear seat to be usable, $100 would be.. very inexpensive. ;)
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    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    That site says it has been 'sold out' for some time. :) I also found that one, as well as others with the 'genuine Yamaha Part number' which most sites claim is unavailable. There were a couple of sites that actually had images of the top and bottom views, so you can see where the hardware from...
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    Fz6r rear cowl seat;fz6r;2009&mmy_source=pdp&variant[GYT0001]=GYT0001-X006-Y023 Just found this on line. Not sure if still available, but this looks like the actual Yamaha Blue part.
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    Fz6r rear cowl seat
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    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    Yes, but would you BUY one? If a guy is going to take the trouble and time to do a good design, would you pay for it? That might help make the decision... :) If he does a working prototype, he could do a production run, if there were demand, so you would get a finished quality product... Worth...
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    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    Many (on this forum) may be grateful. :)) Have a good weekend.
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    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    Understood. :)
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    Fz6r rear cowl seat

    You might start by 'copying the seat'? From what I read, you need to use the hardware 'from the set' to mount the things, and they cost over $200 for a piece of molded plastic. It seems enough people are interested that if you work out a good design, people might buy them from you. :) I thought...
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    Question Fork/Handlebar twist?

    Venom Triple Tree 'attachment' That attaches to your Front stand, rather than the fork lifting parts. I cannot remember the diameter of the triple tree, so check that out before ordering. They sell two versions, the same stand, but with a differing range of 'adapters' to fit Triple trees. I will...
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    Question Fork/Handlebar twist?

    I understand. I use a front triple tree stand, from venom which doubles as a front stand that hooks under the suspension as well. I do know guys who have suspended the front to the garage roof with straps, or use a jack stand with a board on top under the engine, after removing fairings... not...
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    Question Fork/Handlebar twist?

    You might measure the amount of fork through the top triple clamp, to see if they are identical. I think if one moved 'up' when the forks were twisted, it would throw off your alignment. If you have a way to support the frame while you do it, it might pay to loosen the top triple clam as well...
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    SOLD - right and front fairing parts for sale

    Windscreen arrived safely, well packed! Thank you. :)