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    Happy B-Day Scott

    Happy Birthday Scott, I hope you have a good year
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    Header Stud's

    Yea I'm stupid, I broke one of mine.I just wanted to write up a "how to" now that I've extracted the broken stud.These things are simple to change and they only cost $3 apiece so change them when you see signs of wear instead of taking a risk. To remove the healthy studs you thread on two nuts...
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    Happy Birthday JSP

    I hope you have a good one Sent from my BNTV600 using Tapatalk
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    Bikemaster Multi Tool

    Has anyone else tried one of these?I was $10 short from free shipping on Motorcycle Superstore so I added one to my cart to try out.I just got it today, its meteric socket sizes 8-10mm and allen wrench sizes 2-10, besides from the sockets there's a few wrenches one is 15mm.It seems promising for...
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    Bleedinblues annual "Dig to Ride", ride pictures

    I usually try to avoid the snow and resort to commuting only this time of year.But after two winters commuting on the 6r I've had to ride in snow/ice several times bye accident.Now that I've got some experience and my gears defeating the weather, I just felt like trying some more extreme weather...
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    Riders for Striders, May 17 2014

    "Charity motorcycle ride to raise money to purchase Strider Bikes for the Kids at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.* Ride will be May 17, 2014, we will ride from Indy to Bloomington to RevSport motorcycle shop for lunch and loop back to Indy via all scenic back roads! Ride is open to all types...
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    Jorge Lorenzos Monster Mansion

    Id be happy just owning one of the Yamaha rugs he parks his bikes on in his garage lol. Dirt Shark: Jorge Lorenzo's Monster Mansion - YouTube
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    Seth Rogen a biker chick?

    My sister had me watch this tonight.I guess Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made a wierd video, so James Franco and Seth Rogen copied it as a comedy.The real video is on the left, JF and SR is on the right. James Franco and Seth Rogan Do Kanye West's Bound 2: See it Side by Side - YouTube
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    New midsize Harleys

    A liquid cooled 500 and 750 2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 and Street 500 ? Official Photos
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    Black Friday deals

    Cycle Gear is already sending emails about available Black Friday deals, they have a $20 chain breaker/rivet kit, $30 spool stands and a bluetooth helmet for $160 Black Friday - Cycle Gear
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    A Fistful of Trophies

    A Fistful of Trophies A Fistful of Trophies - Off-road rally racing - YouTube Will belong to us soon Yamaha Welcomes 2013 Dakar Rally Champion Cyril Despres - YouTube
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    A motorcycle from WW2 that is still ahead of its time

    The engine is in the front wheel.The entire drivetrain can be changed by swapping out the front forks.It never cut it in a sportbike, but I think it wouldve been cool to see economy bikes like this. Riding Vintage: Killinger and Freund Motorcycle
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    My xmas tree bike light project

    Last month I found a 15' LED strip for $16 (free s&h), but I ordered it from overseas so I wanted to wait to post until it was in my hands.It came with a 15' long strip of 300 LED's, the control box and a remote.It requires a lead for the control box, so im going to look at Radio Shack before...
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    Gta v

    Is anyone else getting this?Im burned out on playing COD, ive barely been using my ps3 this year, so im pretty excited about this one.When I left this morning the tracking said "in route for delivery" so i'll be playing tonight if anyone else ordered it for Ps3
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    The Place Beyond The Pines

    I watched The Place Beyond The Pines over the weekend.It wasn't bad, a little long, but its probably the best motorcycle movie since The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.Its worth renting if anyone wants to watch a motorcycle related movie. The Place Beyond the Pines - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube
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    Chainsaw powered bike

    Chainsaw Bike - YouTube Chainsaw Bike 2 - YouTube
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    Axis Dynamometer

    Copy & Paste from YouTube "Dobeck Performance demonstrating the new Axis Dynamometer. The Dyno replicates real world street load and wind conditions. We are using smoke bombs to show how the smoke is being pulled into the Dyno and pushed out over the motorcycle(CBR1000RR)." Dobeck...
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    Car help

    Its a Stinkin Lincoln of my moms (a Town car she inherited and still uses to run gma to church and stuff). Her a/c wasn't working, so I opened the hood to see if I could hear the compressor kick on. I could hear a hissing sound and found a vacuum line with a missing hose on the valve...
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    Modding the seat foam, any ideas or experience?

    I ordered a gelpad with my seat cover, but I really don't want to cut into my oem foam.I've had a few ideas. First idea was rebond carpet padding.It wears well, is available in different depths and only costs roughly $5-$10 a yard. At first I was thinking about trying to spray glue the...
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    Happy Birthday Dart and Ghstryder

    Happy Birthday guys, I hope its been a good one