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    Why wearing jeans on a motorcycle is a really bad idea

    !!!!!NSFW!!!!!! Why wearing jeans on a motorcycle is a really bad idea | Hell for Leather
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    Mountain Bike Crash

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    Deleted Posts

    Is it my imagination, or did someone delete a bunch of posts from this thread?
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    Shopping Trip

    I was over by the local Yamaha dealer this afternoon so I stopped in. I wasn't really looking to buy a new bike, but I think maybe I want one now. They had a bunch of great looking bikes, so many choices, I've narrowed it down to these four, what do you think? The FZ8 looks great. I really...
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    Parking Challenged

    I wonder if technically this guy is ok, because only two wheels are in the motorcycle parking spot.
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    Drifting.. NSFW

    Not safe for weak stomachs Drifting gone horribly wrong
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    Wheelie in the Lincoln Tunnel

    This was awesome... Dirt Bike Badass in the Lincoln Tunnel - The Colbert Report - 2012-05-04 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
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    Fridays here..

    I have to say, this place gets pretty happenin' on Fridays lately. Last week, a discussion about what insurance company to go with evolved into a Nietzsche-ish discussion of Socialism that probably had Karl Marx rolling in his grave. And today, a small bit of cat poo (ewww, didn't behind green...
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    Small block bike

    Saw this on our way home this afternoon: If you look really closely (sorry, iPhone pic), you can see the Chevy logos on the bike, and if you look really really closely, you can see that is says "350" on the valve cover. A little more engine than I think I need on an average day :)
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    YZF-R1 In the news

    Sorry it's in German (use Google to translate it). Someone set a new speed record on a the highway: Neues Volksblatt
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    Battery Tender Jr wire routing

    For everyone using a Battery Tender Jr, if you wired it to the battery, where did you run the wires? (pics would be awesome :) Thanks
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    New Levers?

    I saw these on another forum and thought it was worth sharing. Adjustable Blade Levers.
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    The owner's manual (page 7-34) says that a special type of battery charger is needed to charge the battery: To charge a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery, a special (constant-voltage) battery charger is required. Using a conventional battery charger will damage the battery. If you do...
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    Happy Birthday JonKerr and fz6r rider :iconbeer:
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    My Bike Melted!

    Seriously! I got home this evening and noticed top rim of the plastic housing of the speedo/tachometer had melted. It looks like the windshield (clear Yamaha Double Bubble) acted as a magnifying glass at some point during today's heat (it was 97 in the shade when I got home at 7pm today)...
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    Twist the Throttle

    I'm not sure if everyone else knows about this show - "Twist The Throttle" - I caught part of it last night, which was sort of a coincidence, because the show was about Yamaha bikes.
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    Does anyone know if Yamaha Extended Service covers towing? Not that I ever plan to need it, but it would be good to know beforehand :)
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    Joe Rocket Jackets

    Does anyone have any thoughts, good or bad, on Joe Rocket jackets? It was in the 80's today and I was baking in my current (Alpinestars) jacket, so maybe it's time for something for the summer weather. I found this one on Cyclegear's web site that looked interesting - right color, right brand...
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    Slow Leak

    My front tire has a slow leak - it lost 6lbs of pressure in 3 weeks. What should I do about it (apart from checking the pressure all the time and refilling it). Is this something the dealer will likely fix for free (I have less than 700 miles on the bike). I've only filled it up at a gas...
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    Gas tank sticker

    Stupid question - what do you use to get the "Warning..." sticker off of the gas tank? Thanks