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  1. Love Enigma

    Bought OEM stator- how to get cable out?!

    Hello again. Sooooooo, stator is bad. Looking to buy a replacement to do it myself. Recommendations on where to buy one? Is it the same as the R6 stator? Can’t really find too much info on it. EDIT: Bought OEM stator and went to remove it, but the shop manual wasn’t very helpful as the...
  2. Love Enigma

    Engine light comes on, screen goes blank and bike won't start for a short period

    Hiya, it's me again. I'm having yet more issues with my baby. I swapped out the ECU for a 2010 model and have since been having an issue when I'm riding it. The engine light will come on while I'm riding, then the screen will turn off. When I shut off the bike, it won't start immediately after...
  3. Love Enigma

    For Sale: 2012 FZ6R Coils with Wires and spark plug caps $30

    Bought this off eBay thinking it was the issue with my bike. Alas, it was the ECU. So these bad boys are up for grabs. I did test them on my bike and with a multimeter and didn't find anything wrong with them. Here's the description form the advert: **LICENSED DISMANTLERS BY THE STATE OF...
  4. Love Enigma

    FZ6R Manual page and dx question

    Ignore this. Figured it out.
  5. Love Enigma

    Still intermittent stalling- error 33

    SOLVED!! - Bad ECU (swapped with one from eBay) The issue: My bike (a 2009 California model) had been stalling out and the engine light goes on and off when it happens. Feels like it’s losing power. Not heat/rpm/mph/distance/gear, etc. just intermittent. Got to a point it wouldn’t go a foot...
  6. Love Enigma

    Bike decelerates with and without engine light on

    Heya, So, I take care of my baby and had a full body tune up about a year about (~10k miles I think? @38k). She has just started to do this weird thing where if I am riding (mostly freeway since that is 95% of my commute) the engine light will pop on for a second and the bike decelerates about...
  7. Love Enigma

    Universal Givi Topcase Mod

    Hey, So I've had this Givi topcase since Christmas and have been running it bolted straight onto the plastic (which is not the most appealing look, so I wouldn't recommend it for aesthetics, but it did work.) Last night we decided it was time for a little improvement since my fiancé just...
  8. Love Enigma

    recommended Top Cases

    Hello ladies and gents, I am currently in the market for a top case for my fz6r. Hopefully one that replace my rear seat, but not required. I would like one that would fit my helmet and that is relatively cheap (student tired of carrying her jacket and helmet). I've read a few posts on the...
  9. Love Enigma

    Changing bike apperance... slightly

    Hiya Ladies, I'm looking to change my bike's apperance slightly and am thinking about the led lights under the fairings in that lovely Fushia color. What do you think? What are your favorite mods?