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    new tires

    just bought a 170/60/17 bridgestone BT016 AND 120/70/17 Bridgestone S20 as a replacement for my stock tires. let's see if there's any different from the stock BT021 on 160s. 16500KM on the stock tires with 70% highways/city, and rest mostly on off-ramps. planning my first track day...
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    bike shut-off

    yesterday, my bike stalled/shut-off while I was clutching in from 2nd to 1st during a short around the block ride with my kid. here's a short video clip. it seems to fire up and run no problem today, I've never encounter that problem in my ~8000km...
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    one of my fav road

    just wanted to share a road with you. it's a 1 hour round trip back road that's nice and close to where i live. have a nice day.
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    walkaround and exhaust note

    a short clip of my fz6r with some little mods. bought the fz6r stock last summer, and really like the way the bike looks and sounds now.
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    led signals

    the one thing I dislike on the fz6r is that those bulky amber lights front and back, especially the front ones and I'm not a fan of flush mounts, so with little bit of hardware, i DIY my own front signal mount :o, seems ok. and 4 extra stock signal harness kits so no wire cutting, nice and...
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    stock bar position

    i tried search for it, but couldn't find anything. :o last year i flipped my handlebar around for a more aggressive ride but i forgot to mark the factory stock position, it's back to "stock" this season at a somewhat comfortable upright setting for me, but i feel like it's off by few degrees...
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    an other exhaust thread

    Hi all, Happy 2015! i know this might've been post many times, but i can't ride right now because it's -25 Degrees Celsius outside:mad:, so i might as well trying to be helpful here since i was asked few times on this from local/forum fz6r owners last summer. picture says a 1000 words, so i...
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    invisible motorcycle

    when I first started riding, msf/ppl said to treat my bike as invisible. well after almost 2 seasons of riding, I agree to it 101%. wish I could've saved all those video footages and put them together into a "movie". but here's one from today, going thru a playground zone, even at low...
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    rear brake pads

    i need some advice here. last owner or shop didn't tighten up the rear wheel nut properly:mad:, so the rear disc was dragging against the left brake pad, i believe he rode like that for a while. i re-adjust the rear wheel, now the dragging sound is gone and spins freely, but i noticed the...
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    odd fz6r sighting

    i thought i was the only one riding a fz6r in my area, while i was on the way home today, i took a route that i don't normally take and i met a guy working on his new white/red fz6r, i was like :eek:!!!!! then later that evening i was out testing my new "tape sun visor" on my new helmet...
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    first ride - fz6r

    first ride out with the fz6r. no vlog or anything. just a video to share. was just trying to get comfortable with the bike so nothing too crazy. might have to change those touring tires though. the cbr250r go around faster and seem to grip the road better or maybe just new bike and confident...
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    hi, an other new member

    Hi all, this is b6r from Calgary, Alberta, Canada :) I recently got myself a blue 2009 Yamaha FZ6R. my first (learner)bike was a 2011 HONDA CBR250R, as much as I enjoy riding that 250cc everywhere, it's very limited(highway passing, etc.). not a fan of SS and their crazy insurance...