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  1. alaskanflyboy

    Finally decided to stop being a sucker

    Best bet is a Yamaha dealer, but it can take a week if they don't have it in stock. You could maybe try Amazon if you have prime. If you need to part number for the wheel collar, it's 20S-25183-00-00 and has been the same part since the bike's introduction in 2009.
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    My 09 Fz6r

    Are you looking for things you need to do to it yet, or what all accessories you can find for the bike? It sounds like you've done about everything you need to maintenance wise except possibly brake lines (replaced every 4 years for OEM lines). Galfer makes a nice set of stainless steel lines...
  3. alaskanflyboy

    Question What is the OEM brand chain?

    D.I.D is the OEM chain. Whether it's the original or not would be hard to say for sure.
  4. alaskanflyboy

    Sup all, just picked up a new 2014 fz6r

    And the OP hasn't logged on in almost 3 years.
  5. alaskanflyboy

    Dash flickered then went out.

    I somehow missed the starter motor section further down in the manual. I saw the starter clutch attached to the generator and assumed it was a start/gen. Thanks for the correction.
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    Dash flickered then went out.

    The starter and the generator are all part of the stator on the FZ6R. There is a starter clutch attached to the generator, but the generator is the motor for it. It's not uncommon bikes to be set up that way.
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    Still intermittent stalling- error 33

    You mention you checked fuses and the ignition fuse had an oddity. I'd say replace it and other fuses in the circuits. At this point I think it's time to :
  8. alaskanflyboy

    Still intermittent stalling- error 33

    Look on page 2-45. Items 3 and 7 are ignition coil connectors, so I'd follow the wires from there.
  9. alaskanflyboy

    Possible Fuel in Oil Issue

    Oil expands when hot, and foams up when the engine runs. If you check it when the manual specifies to check it, you'll have a more consistent reading. It's rare to have much fuel enter the oil unless as previously stated you have an injector stuck open. You'd be noticing more than fuel smell in...
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    Bike won't start

    If it happens again, you can also perform a parasitic draw test if you know how to use a multimeter.
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    Single Sided Swing-arm?

    Short of specing out the OEM swing arm and the known bikes with single-sided swingarms, no. In 7 years on this forum, I've not seen one person do it. Other than looks, I'm not sure why you'd want a single-sided swingarm. There's no significant extra work that I'm aware of.
  12. alaskanflyboy

    New member welcome thread

    Welcome to the club. I'm originally from Spokane, so I know that area fairly well. Back in my flight training days, I did my 250nm solo cross-country from Spokane to Hillsboro so I've seen it from both the road and the sky. I definitely miss my mountains and twisties. There are a lot more mods...
  13. alaskanflyboy

    Tank plastic

    Even new, they didn't grip at all. I ordered the knee grips from Rascal Grafik the day I bought the bike brand new and have loved them. They were a little bit of a pain to apply because of the design, but I like the look. As for the fade. Mother's Back to Black made all my black plastic look new.
  14. alaskanflyboy

    Passenger Seat Stuck

    I've had it stick a few times. I've since been more careful about what all I put under there. I managed to open it by turning the key while whaling my fist on the front of the seat. The latch sits just about where the forward hump starts.
  15. alaskanflyboy

    Throttle Restriction

    None of the North American models are restricted. It's mostly Aussie and a select few European models that have throttle restrictors to satisfy their graduated motorcycle system.
  16. alaskanflyboy

    Clutch level too far out

    If it's properly adjusted to have required slack, it'll never return flush against the mount. It also will not be taut at the clutch when released. This is all good and desired. It allows the clutch to fully disengage and gives it a slight margin to avoid accidental clutch inputs. As for...
  17. alaskanflyboy

    Florida: places to ride to.

    There's a site called that has a routes section. Being it's trying to be a social media platform for motorcyclists but still being obscure, the routes can be hit or miss on coverage. The app and the Crashlight service they offer is nice though. If it detects your phone takes a...
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    FZ6R T-Shirt

    It's been tried before back when we were I'm not sure what ever happened with it though. We did have stickers that a few put on their swing arm.
  19. alaskanflyboy

    Engine revs but does not accelerate like before

    Glad to see you got it all sorted. Odd that it was only noticeable in a specific gear.
  20. alaskanflyboy

    What to do if you hate your Raven's stupid Japanese graphity cartoonish faring art

    Reminds me of what Kevin8198 did for the 2009 white tank graphics years ago.