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    Relocating from MD to NC

    I'm moving from MD to the Fayetteville, NC area. Any riders around here!?!?
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    Helmet Bluetooth

    Looking into getting a good bluetooth setup for my helmet, but I don't want to break the bank. Pretty much I want it for turn by turn GPS. Anybody have any good advise on what to get?
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    Tire Life

    I bought my 2011 FZ6R back in November with 1400 miles and I am pretty sure they are the stock tires, the tires are dated with 2011. Is there any specific life of a tire on when they should be changed? I was in a Military Sport Bike Rider course and one of the instructors said that usually by...
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    Bike finally dropped :(

    So... I get a call from my wife while at work who got a call from a neighbor that my bike is laying on the ground. First time the bike has been dropped. Has anybody had their bike pushed over by the wind? It is pretty windy here today, but I wouldn't think it was windy enough to push over the...
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    Swapped/Spare Parts

    After purchasing my FZ6R in November, I have already made quite a few aftermarket modifications and still waiting for more 6R parts in the mail. My question to you guys/gals is, what do you do with your swapped parts?! I doubt I will ever go back to stock, but don't want to throw away perfectly...
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    Portable Rear Stand

    I saw this on Ebay and just had to buy it! hopefully it works as good as it looks! Motorcycle Stand Bike Swingarm Lift Stand Combo Shop Front Rear Portable Auto HD | eBay Here is a video of one in use!
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    Bar riser mounts

    Has anybody replaced their stock handlebar mounts for something shorter? I found these: Universial Motorcycle Bar Handlebar Mounts Riser Clamp 7 8" Standard | eBay Thinking about trying these out, they are 22mm tall. which is significant decrease in the stock mounts.
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    Sidestand bent??

    When I bought my bike last November I had a lowering link and PSR sidestand installed. Well, now it my sidestand digs into the asphalt when parked. The flat part of the foot isn't parallel with the ground so I thought I would extend it but it is extended fully. I didn't notice this while it was...
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    TBR or M4 exhaust?

    As the title says, I am ready to replace the stock exhaust and upgrade to a more pleasant sound. I've gone through the threads and everybody praises Marthy's, but on his page everything is out of stock and I read somewhere that he isn't really doing this anymore. That leaves me basically two...