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    Happy Birthday MNGreg!!!

    I just wanted to extend a warm Birthday wish to Greg! I hope you enjoy your day!!!
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    FZ Forum HID Projector Retrofit Group Buy

    Setting up another group buy, similar like the one 6 months ago: This time, the discount is higher. Doing it as low as possible for everyone to be able to get a great price. Reducing the price of the parts...
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    The wife got a new bike...

    So, have to announce, that my wife has finally decided on what bike she wanted. I had tried tirelessly to get her on a sport bike, and it just isn't her thing. So here is what she got... It is a Honda CTX700N. Here is my review. So, where to start. Let's just start with ergonomics. The...
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    Dirt Road Custom Seats

    So, I have been keeping a little secret. Have been waiting to reveal until I have pictures, because I didn't want to get this: So I got some custom seats done by Eddie, aka dirt road on the FZ1OA forum. I am very much looking forward to installing them when they come back to me. He is...
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    Reverse Crashes

    Not sure if this was posted before as it is about 8 months old, but interesting to see: Crash Backwards Compilation - YouTube
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    FS: Icon Stryker Vest Size L/XL

    Up for sale is an Icon Stryker vest in L/XL. I got it expecting to wear it, and I have gotten other gear and this is no longer needed. Never worn, so it is new without tags. $110 Shipped. It is listed on ebay, so this will only be for sale until it gets bids.
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    Official AHR T-Shirts: First "Generation"

    The shirts have arrived! They are very nice quality, which I was expecting, since I went through Here is what they look like: The price is $25 shipped. Money will go back to the forum on each shirt. This is what I have for sizes, first come, first served: Small: 2...
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    Traxxas 1/16 Sc. 4x4 Slash

    Up for sale is a 1/16th scale Traxxas Slash (4x4). This truck is really fast. I just don't care for the smaller trucks. So, thought I would see if anyone here is interested. This is all water proof. Comes with: 1/16 4x4 Slash Truck 2 duratrax DTX 1600 mah NIMH batteries, 2 Traxxas 1600 mah...
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    Introducing the Marthy FZ1 Midship Exhaust!

    So, I have always disliked the slip-on exhaust style of the FZ1, so I knew at some point I would want to change it. I asked Marthy if he could make a midship exhaust like the FZ6R, or his newly designed FZ8 exhaust. My challenge was making it work with the center stand. I feel that Marthy...
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    FS: Custom LED Stage I Equalizers

    Up for sale is a pair of Stage I Equalizers from Custom LED. I ordered them because I thought that I needed them to fix a problem after installing the flasher relay, and come to find out that it wouldn't fix them after someone else tried them. They have never been wired up. Looking for $10...
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    FS: Motion Pro OEM Replacement Levers

    Just had a crash, or drop your bike? I have replacement levers. Brand new, still in the box. Looking to get $25 shipped for them. They are Motion Pro. Here is a pic:
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    AHR T-Shirts

    I was thinking about making up some AHR shirts....would anyone buy one? Design 1: Design 2:
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    Chad's HID Projector Retrofit

    So, because it seems to be the popular thing to do when you are getting a retrofit done, to create a thread, so you can show off the awesome results. I too am getting a retrofit done by AHR, and hope to have some results in the next few weeks. I guess I should give a preview....
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    FS: Faceshields for Speed and Strength SS700,SS1000, SS1500 Helmets

    Up for sale are some Replacement Shields for Speed and Strength SS700,SS1000 & SS1500 Helmets. The clear shields are practically new, as I barely wear a clear shield. The Dark smoke had been recently replaced after one of my accidents last year. I am asking for $15 shipped each on these...
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    First time back on since July '12

    So, as many of you know, I got my FZ1 last year, and within a short period of time, she was down: So, I started the rebuild, and actually started the retrofitting to help with the cost of repairing her. I started a thread when I was almost...
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    The FZ1 has risen from the flames!!!

    Well, no flames were involved here, but I have been working hard to gather the money to get my bike back on the road from this: So I finally got all the parts, and the weather was nice, so I have taken the last couple of days off. Here is some...
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    Hard Parts Group Buy, including Exhaust

    So, it has been done before, the group buys. Last year we had an awesome Two Brothers Exhaust group buy. I wanted to put this somewhere that everyone had access to when there isn't a scheduled group buy going on. Nate over at Motorcycle Gear (formerly New Enough) has been gracious enough to...
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    Announcing the AHR Refferal Program!

    Introducing the Affordable HID Retrofitting Referral Program! I have been working on this for a while. The main goal for this, was to give back to my loyal supporters from the beginning, and people who have given me a chance to do work for them. How this program works is based on a...
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    4/1/13....its coming...

    There is an announcement coming next Monday...stay tuned... Any thoughts as to what it is?
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    Name Change

    For the 3rd and final time, I have changed my name. I have changed it because I want all my user names on the FZ forums to be the same, to make it a little easier for me to multitask through all the forums. FZWhite no longer, same guy, different name!!