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    Sup all, just picked up a new 2014 fz6r

    We gotta start somewhere to revive the site..;)
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    New member welcome thread

    Welcome to the site! Glad you found us. All riders are welcome here... What brings an R6 Rider to our side of the pond?
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    Site Upgrade

    Try now.. Had to change the moderator setting
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    Site Upgrade

    See attached... Click username and the click the settings.. gear thingy..
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    Site Upgrade

    Current visitors or a users ip?
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    Site Upgrade

    You and I both. The old software is no longer being developed. I will most likely move all the sites to this but its 350 USD a pop after all the addons. Let me know what you think of the new software when you have used it for a bit.. Cheers
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    Site Upgrade

    Hi everyone. I have just upgraded the forum software. I was having a lot of trouble with the older Vbulletin version. We are now running the latest version of xenforo. If you notice any issues post them here.
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    Server update.... Report bugs here

    Tom clear your browser cache and try again. Let me know if that cleared it.
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    New Server

    Done! :thumbup:
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    New Server

    try now i think i sorted it
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    New Server

    Hi Everyone. I just moved the site to a new faster server with SSD drives. Let me know if you notice a difference in the site speed or if you notice any bugs.. Thanks Dennis
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    Site upgrade.. Post bugs here

    Hi Everyone I have upgraded the site to a newer version of the forum software. The older version is no longer supported and was starting to act buggy with server updates. If you notice any bugs ect... please let me know via this thread. Thanks Dennis
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    New Server

    Can anyone else confirm the slow upload I want to make sure it's not a network issues vs the server
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    New Server

    Try now rob and let me know if it still did not work. Seems to be ok now
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    October 2015 BOTM - winner - heavenhated

    Try now and if you get an error post it here. I think I have it fixed
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    New Server

    It's probably due to the database backup I reloaded it may have been a few hours older than I thought. It backs up every 12 hours
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    New Server

    Hi Everyone. I have moved the site to a new server. Please post any issues you notice here. Thank you Dennis
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    old forum address

    Hi everyone. Yamaha requested the domain names and we agreed that Yamaha would be the best party to manage and control the domain names. This website is independently operated and not associated with Yamaha. The information on this website is not approved or endorsed by Yamaha in any way...
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    We are back up

    Hi everyone we should be good to go now. I loaded the database backup image from yesterday before the site went down.. Let me know of any issues you find.. Thanks
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    Official fz6r forum calendar

    I will sent the Paypal for both. Sent me one and the other to the New Logo winner. ( You can PM him when they win)