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  1. Just_Jim

    FZ6R Rear seat Cowl

    That's pretty much the only option if you want new. Sometimes the seat cowl Yamaha used to sell will show up on Ebay.
  2. Just_Jim

    Bobski's windscreen comparisons

    Try a blow dryer and some WD-40 to remove the sticker. It should get it all off without much effort.
  3. Just_Jim

    Center Stand

    Yes, it fits all model years. I have one on my 2013 and love it.
  4. Just_Jim

    Listing of common torque specs for FZ6R

    According to the Haynes manual, the spec is 80 Nm which converts to roughly 59 ft-lbs. So 57 ft-lbs is probably correct.
  5. Just_Jim

    First came Suzuki...

    Yamaha is competing in that arena - it's called the MT-07. The FZ6R was last offered as a 2017 model. It's not in the lineup anymore.
  6. Just_Jim

    How many miles on your FZ6R?

    These Yamaha's are bulletproof. There was a 2009 FZ6R on the local craigslist with 230,000 miles on it - it looked a bit ragged, but supposedly still ran fine. I know of a 2002 R1 with 89,000 miles on it and it still runs like a champ.
  7. Just_Jim

    FZ6R Fairing Decals

    Check out You should be able to find the OEM decals there.
  8. Just_Jim

    Help identifying fairing piece/trim

    Glad I could help.
  9. Just_Jim

    Help identifying fairing piece/trim

    I think you're looking for Part #3 on this Parts Diagram: Bike Bandit is always my go-to source for OEM parts - great prices and they are pretty accurate on delivery times.
  10. Just_Jim

    Bike decelerates with and without engine light on

    That's sounds more like an electrical issue than a mechanical one. Maybe a loose/broken/dirty connector.
  11. Just_Jim

    Bike won't start

    Before you spring for a new battery have the old one checked out, it may still be good. Definitely get yourself a smart charger, like a Battery Tender. A properly maintained battery can last a long time, the last one in my R6 lasted 9 years. Not knowing how much of a charge the original owner...
  12. Just_Jim

    When to Realistically Perform Valve Adjustment?

    These engines are pretty much bulletproof. The valve inspection spec is every 26,600 miles and it really doesn't need done before that. 10k miles is nothing, don't waste your time doing a valve inspection now. Just go ride.
  13. Just_Jim

    Hey new to forums and looking for help

    All years (2009-2017) should fit. Check out the OEM section on You can get a good idea of what parts you need and how much new would cost for a reference point.
  14. Just_Jim

    Clutch level too far out

    I run Pazzo Racing adjustable levers on my R6 - a standard length on the clutch side and a shorty for the front brake. That combination works great for me and I plan on installing a similar setup on my FZ6R.
  15. Just_Jim

    Highbeam doesnot work

    Replace the bulb. The high beam is probably burned out, especially if you ride with your high beam on during the day.
  16. Just_Jim

    Which Grab Bars For 2013 FZ6R And Where To Buy - See 2 Types Available

    The 2013 uses the two-piece grab rails. A good place to get OEM parts is
  17. Just_Jim

    Windscreen for street fighter?

    Check Dennis Kirk or JP cycles. You should be able to find a generic windscreen that will mount to the forks.
  18. Just_Jim

    Removing Triple Clamp

    Look on They have parts diagrams and list all the part numbers for OEM parts. Plus they have some of the best prices on OEM pats.
  19. Just_Jim

    fz6r stock tires...

    OP, instead of worrying about how low you can get in a corner, you should concentrate on getting through the corner smooth and efficient. As you gain experience your lean angles will increase. That being said, please save knee dragging for track days. Regarding tires, the stock tires are more...
  20. Just_Jim

    Exhaust and fairing question

    Check out Bike Bandit ( if you want brand new OEM fairings. They have the best price around and you can get an additional 5% discount if you are an AMA member.