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    Bridgestone S21

    Bridgestone finally come to the party and make a 160 rear. I've been using them, and they make me feel comfortable and confident to go much quicker than before around corners. It feels like you don't have to lean as hard to make the same corner speed as before due to the tire profiles front and...
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    Mid corner bump

    Relax the lean angle over the bump, I could hear a squeal from the front tyre here.
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    Marulan Track Day 2011

    Hi, This is an older video, I'd had about 9 months of riding at this point, looks slow to me now. I kept screwing up the last corner too. This is the Marulan track, a little windy track South of Sydney, great for a first track day or general practice...
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    Mulga Bill's Bicycle 'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze; He turned away the good old horse that served him many days; He dressed himself in cycling clothes, resplendent to be seen; He hurried off to town and bought a shining new machine...
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    Name change for FastFreddy

    How do I change my forum name ? I can't use Fast Freddy anymore due to the sheer weight of slander towards me. He can't be associated with this nonsense. I don't ride that fast, unless there's a Gen Y in a Honda behind me about a foot away, (or some geezer in an expensive 4wd) and my...
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    Saved by a huge pile of poo

    Motorbiker survives crash by landing in massive pile of poo | Metro News It's better to hit a pile of poo than an overturned truck. You would read about it.
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    This wasn't in the Bro code

    Dougie's now married, I didn't even know. Neil Patrick Harris marries David Burtka at intimate Italian wedding | Mail Online I heard he had a surrogate child last month, and I'm thinking "Bro, how'd you pull that one off" and now I find out this. If Warnie ever does this, I'm moving to Mars...
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    Vote for Smile Party

    I like when he exercises one half of his smile, then the other, to build up the smile muscles "ichi, nii, SAN" I think this guy has been practicing his serious voice too much
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    ACCEPT touring Nov 2014

    I'm old enough to remember seeing this metal band on TV years ago. Turns out they reformed and are touring, so why not ? I'm going. I saw Queen last week and that was fantastic even though I didn't get to bang Lady GaGa (who sang for one song) ACCEPT Australian Tour November 2014 Maybe...
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    Level concreting

    I have to pour a concrete slab for a shed that is 7m wide. I'm fishing for ideas on how to keep the screed level. I'm wondering has anyone come across a tool to keep the floating end of the screed level ? I can put one side on the edge formwork, but the other end of the screed has nothing...
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    Courtesy of 9 news : Biker somersaults, lands on moving car on his feet If you are going to hit the back of a car, do it this way.
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    Reaction time test

    I was curious about a cat's reaction time (50-70ms) and found this test : Human Benchmark - Reaction Time Test I was getting between 200-270 ms. It feels like the eye sees it but the brain is a bit slow to tell the finger to click.
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    The Cadwell Park jump. BSB

    Have you heard of Superbikes jumping in a racing series that bans TC ? Some say it is true.
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    You nearly get hit in traffic so you treat yourself to an expensive European beer

    I nearly got hit on the way to work, I nearly got hit on the way home. I went to get a drink, there was a selection of German beers so I thought I'd spend some extra because I nearly died. So I get my German beer, I'm plonked on my chair at home, then as I'm bringing the bottle to my lips, I...
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    Long John Silver

    I heard a reference to Long John Silver the other day, so I thought I'd watch the movie. Great dialogue and storyline. A few tears and lots of laughs. Long John Silver (1954) - Full Movie - YouTube I'm ready for talk like a pirate day now. Belay your fears land lubbers. It seems like...
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    Aprilia RSV4 burnout

    :rockon: Did anyone not see the definitive burnout of the New Year ? Aprilia RSV4 Burnout - Clint Ewing - YouTube I'm still trying to work out the clutch and throttle antics of the difference between a burn out and a wheelie and frying the clutch.
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    WW2 story in Borneo

    I'd heard of the "Wild Man of Borneo" before, is this where the story comes from ? Headhunters of World War II(full documentary)HD - YouTube The downed airmen had to be moved away from the newly Christian part of Bornea because the locals couldn't lie (to save a life) under questioning...
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    The Danger of motorcycling

    I'm speechless as to how to introduce or describe other than my heart goes out to the parents. I'm sure the bad consequences of getting it wrong on the motorbike is foremost in our minds. I'm speechless for what this guy witnessed. I had to cut back on riding for a month when I saw a biker...
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    Filtering legal from July in NSW

    New South Wales motorcyclists will be the first in the country to be legally allowed to lane filter, driving between cars caught in traffic on multi-lane roads. As a result of the trial we will introduce a new law that will permit fully licensed motorcyclists to legally filter past stationary...
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    Fork Oil 10W

    I finally changed the front fork oil to 10W and lowered the head stock 5 mm. For the quick ride after I checked everything, it feels more balanced and settles into turns quicker with more grip while settling. It feels like you don't have to load up the front as much to get a similar turn...