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    Fork pre load spacers????

    Hi all, may be a stupid question here; ive tried looking it up and could find any information on doing specifically this. lets say, I was to spin up some maybe 8mm spacers on a lathe, take the fork caps off, insert the spacer over the inner tube above the spring, and put the cap back on...
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    FS Vic Au: Fairing kit - Matte Black (custom/complete)

    Howdy! I have just received in the mail a custom Matte Black and complete fairing kit from In a turn of events, and the money needed elsewhere, I have made the difficult decision of selling the kit as a whole (read: will not separate) for the next person to fit to their...
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    Exhaust using an R-77 Yoshimura can

    Hi All, First thread here, just to show you all how I modified my exhaust. First up, I didn't really like the sound of the TBR exhaust when i heard it in person(personal preference) so I wasn't intending on spending the cash on a new one. I had a Yoshimura R-77 carbon can i had from my...
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    [AUS VIC]WTB Standard exhaust

    Hey all. Just after a standard exhaust. Would prefer in Australia atleast to keep shipping costs down. Please send me a PM if you have one. Thanks.