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    k&n air filter

    Does it come ready to drop, or needs to be oiled?
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    Battery life

    Left my bike's key in the ignition and forgot to turn it off. Came back after a few hours and the battery is dead. I connected it to the battery tender it is sitting with it for a day and a half, still in red. Did not try to start yet. Did I kill the battery, shortened its life, or nothing to...
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    Help with Plugins for this forum

    I use Firefox 14.01. Every time I navigate to a different page on this forum I get the message "Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page", but when I click in the button "Install Missing Plugins" I get reply "No suitable plugins were found". Any advice? Thanks!
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    Shipping info

    I need to ship a pair of gloves for a warranty exchange. What do you recommend: UPS store, post office, FedEx, anything else? thnx
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    M/C shop 10% off

    Very good reputable shop offers this:
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    F/S: Fieldsheer Mercury 2.0 Pants Size L

    F/S: Fieldsheer Mercury 2.0 Pants Size L - SOLD These pants are clean, in excellent, practically new condition. Unfortunately for me they are one size too big. The L is about size 36. The description is here: Fieldsheer Mercury 2.0 Pants 600D Carbolex® outer shell with 1680D ballistic...
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    Tail bag or Tank bag

    What is your choice? Why?