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    New 120 70 17 front tire 50 bucks

    No more need for this size of tire. Avon 3D Ultra Sport 120 70 17. New never used. 50 dollars pickup only in Seattle.
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    Sadly I have traded in the FZ

    Going to be riding a R3 in a few days. Wanted a more nimble ride, I live in one of the most traffic polluted cities in the USA and not my fav place in the world New Mexico. There is no escape from the masses here. So a smaller, light bike makes way more sense. Will post a pic soon. If I...
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    New Zero Gravity Sports Touring screen

    I have a new Zero Gravity Sport Touring screen. Got it off ebay for 80 bucks, but going to sell my bike. If you want it 65 bucks Shipped. Its should be at this week.
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    Are we ever going to get a updated FZ6R?

    2016? Is this year the final production year for our bike? 2015 was the 1st year that the FZ only had one color choice. I'm thinking its gone because Yamaha will make a fully faired FZ07 next year. What's your guess?
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    Do you guys carry collision insurance?

    Just wondering who carry collision insurance after the bike is paid off. Been thinking of dropping my collision but of course keeping uninsured motorist coverage. Collision is for those who damage the bike on their own and self fault. Mine cost 10 per month with 1k deduct from State Farm. I pay...
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    FS 2013 right side fairing and right side mirror

    fairing for sale see below.
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    Those that had gargage, driveway tip overs

    My bike is all fixed up cosmetic wise from the shop from my tip over. I am only concerned that the bike is misaligned. The mechanic who has over 20 years exp says its perfect but it feels like its leaning left by .5 of and inch or so. But I will say it might all be in my head. You know when...
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    Going to a lower sidewall question

    I run the stock tires at currently run 120 70 17 and 160 60 17. If I change to 120 60 17 and 150 60 17 will it change to a lower center of gravity feel? Will giving the bike less sidewall make it a bit less top heavy. My feeling is no but its worth a thought.
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    Tip %$#@ over!

    Tip the bike over today. Was riding out the driveway and suddenly had stop to avoid a speeding car, turned the handlebar too far right and the Momentum of the bike tipped it over. I'm 5 feet 6 30 inseams was not able to catch it good like a longer legged rider. Here is the damage. Its at the...
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    Awesome deal on Pilot Road 2

    At dealer near my home. Not sure of manufacture date, the guys tried to find it but they said it was Spanish version so not sure. 120/60/17- 45.00 dollars new 150/70/17 - 49.00 dollars new Should I go for it? Will the different than stock size make a difference for the worse. Shorter...
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    2009 new FZ6R still around!

    What the heck?? Yamaha FZ | eBay